Day Four in California…Only Five more to go…

So it’s 3:00 p.m.

We’ve just pulled into the parking lot at the inn where the wedding is taking place.  We have a million things to do and four hours to get them done.

Of course we’ve arrived exactly two minutes ahead of everyone else.  So as we are getting out of the car, the bride pulls up in her car.  She’s with her sister.  The groom pulls up in his car, followed by his parents, and the parent’s of the bride.  So instead of getting to work we get to play meet and greet.

Everyone we met was super sweet.  But some of them were just CRAZY….it’s easy to see why the couple live in LA and their family all lives elsewhere.

First up the parent’s of the bride.

The father is perfectly sane.  Nice man.  Smart.  Funny.  Sweet.

The mother.  Crazy.  And Insane.  We’ve just gotten out of the car and Adam is saying hello to them.  He’d only met them once before but it was a crazy time for him and he was never sure of the impression he made on them.  So Mom walks up and they hug and then she begins to let him know that she doesn’t like his haircut.  She’s subtle, but she gets the message across.  She’s subtle a lot over the next few days.

The parent’s of the groom.

Father is quiet.  One of those people that you don’t notice if you are not looking for them.  And it’s because.

The mother is CRAZY.  and sweet.  and fun.

She’s also subtle.  Luckily she we were her confidants so it was not us she was talking about.

We also met the sister of the bride.  She’s sweet and BEAUTIFUL.

Some friends from home.

Some friends from Chicago.

Some friends from NYC.

It’s now approaching 3:45 and we are still talking.  Finally Adam is able to pull us away and we start carrying our supplies to the reception hall.  And it’s locked.  So we go in search of event coordinator.  Bethany.  Blond and perky.  Smiles at everyone.  Was probably homecoming queen at one point.  Of course she is no where to be found.  So we ask someone at the front desk of the inn to let us in.  And we continue to carry stuff at least to the door.  It’s now after 4:00 and we still aren’t in the space.  I’m beginning to get worried and I’m more than a little annoyed.  You’d think that if someone were holding an event at your hotel you’d at least show up to get them started setting up.  NO BETHANY!!

Finally some one lets us in.  We get the cupcakes into the kitchen.  We get the icing etc. into the fridge.  We carry in the rest of the stuff.  We also unload the “wildflowers.”   We then drive the wedding flowers down the hill to the local florist who is letting us store them in their cooler.  She by far was the nicest person we met during the whole event.  She was helpful, and nice, and pretty, and funny, and she kept telling us how cute we were.

FINALLY, we made our way back up the hill to the reception hall.  It’s now 4:30 or so.  The rehearsal dinner is at 7:00.  We have exactly 2.5 hours to create 12 different flower arrangements for the tables at the dinner, get to our hotel, check in, shower, change and get back to the hotel.  We both start to panic.  Or at least I do.  We start pulling jars out of the boxes for the arrangements.  Adam gets a big trash can and starts arranging.  I stand around for about 10 minutes not really sure what to do.  So I start organizing the other room.  I separate all the items to where they need to be.  I put the cupcake tower together.  I start getting the lights for the reception and party in to place.  Every so often I check in on Adam.  He seems to be doing okay but I can tell he’s a little stressed.  He doesn’t feel like the arrangements are that special.  I think they are great.  They are exactly what she wanted.  I tell him to keep going.

It’s now around 5:45 and he’s almost done with the arrangements.  I start filling the jars with water and putting them in boxes.  Finally around 6:00 or so we take the boxes down the hill to the restaurant.  It’s a quaint little Italian restaurant.  We are having dinner in the wine cellar.  By this time we can see the rehearsal taking place out on the lawn.  We hurry back up the hill, throw all of our stuff into the car and head to the hotel.

I drop Adam off so he can go check in and I drive to Burger King to get a Diet Coke.  He texts me the room number.  I get back, grab my bag and run up the stairs to our room.

I open the door.  It’s a sight to behold.  (That’s another story).

I go in, give Adam a huge hug.  I hand him my shirt to iron, grab a towel and head to the shower.

We got into the car to head back to the reception at 6:55.  It was around 7:10 when we walked through the door.

The bride and groom were just going through the introductions.  As soon as we walking in the room erupted into applause.  At least they were noticing what we were doing.

It’s 7:15 p.m.  We’ve been going since 5:00 a.m. and we have about six more hours to go before we get to bed.

At this point it’s day four of our vacation.  We’ve yet to do anything fun and have been so busy and tired we haven’t even had sex.  This isn’t as much of a vacation as I’d hoped it would be.

Here’s a photo from the rehearsal dinner.  It was family style dining around a big table.  It was for about 20 people and there were an assortment of flower arrangements that we “scattered” (artistically placed) by us.  It was very casual and because the room was a wine cellar the bride wanted it to have a country vineyard feel to it.  The flowers were simple arrangements in mason jars and fit the room perfectly.  Unfortunately the photo I have shows the most unattractive view of the room.  But you’ll get the point.  Adam and I are the cute couple on the right side of the photo


Isn’t he a cutie?


3 thoughts on “Day Four in California…Only Five more to go…

  1. Lemuel September 3, 2009 / 06:29

    Re: Adam. It’s never a good idea to look better than the bride. *wink and grin*

  2. Karen September 3, 2009 / 07:25

    more photos please!!!

  3. javabear September 3, 2009 / 16:16

    At least you got to sit down for a few minutes there. And yes, you are a cute couple. I can see why the local florist was so charmed by you two.

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