California Continued…

Sorry if I misled some of you into thinking that Kara had not picked out her wedding dress.  All the choosing was done.  She had to have it fitted one more time and then cart if off to her apartment and hide it from her fiancee.  Did I mention that they were living in sin.  Shame.  Shame.

So it’s Sunday night and we are driving back to San Diego.  I’m sitting here trying to figure out what we did for dinner.  And for the life of me I can’t recall.  (I just remembered.  I took Adam to my favorite taco shack and got awesome burritos.) I do know that we stopped at Wal Mart around 11:00 p.m. or so to pick up the ingredients for the cakes.

Speaking of WalMart.  This should keep you entertained for a while.

People of Wal Mart. It’s totally safe for work, just make sure your mouth is empty when you click on it.  (Adam you’ll have to show the people in your office).

So we stop at Wal Mart in Oceanside, California.  Which is about three seconds from Camp Pendleton.  Home to about twelve million marines.  Adam has a friend who used to live in Oceanside who talked constantly of the Marines there.  Adam thought he was kidding about all the marines in the area.  We walked into Wal Mart and you couldn’t throw a dead cat without hitting one.  They were every where.  Each one hotter than the next.

Sorry I was distracted.

So we shopped, and gathered up our items and continued our trip to San Diego.  It was close to 1:00 a.m. when we got there.  We were both exhausted.  We put our stuff away and climbed into bed.

Two seconds later the alarm went off.

Up and at em.

We both grabbed showers and we were out the door.


You know me and stories.  I get side tracked.

Did I tell you we bought a GPS?




It was the best hundred bucks I’ve ever spent.


Did you know a machine could tell you where the closest McDonald’s was to your exact location.  And then tell you how to get there.

Did you know a machine could tell you where the closest Starbucks was to your location.  And then tell you how to get there.

It is awesome.  Absolutely fucking awesome.  We punched in an address and two seconds later we were on our way.  It told us how to get to the cake store.  The pants store.  Wal Mart.  The theater.  The wedding.  The hotel.

Adam nicknamed her Sissy after about two minutes in the car.  We both fell in love with Sissy.  In fact we feel a little bit guilty that she’s locked away in a box right now.  I also learned that my friend Todd calls his Velma.  Because she always navigated on Scooby Doo.  The parents of the groom call theirs Maggie.  Do you guys have GPS’s?  Does yours have a name?

Back to my story.

So we typed in our first address.

The cake store.

Adam brought much of what he needed with him.  Tools. etc.

There were things he forgot, things he couldn’t carry and things that just wouldn’t travel well.  Of course putting Adam in a cake store is dangerous.  It’s like feeding crack to an addict.  I finally had to take his hand and pull him from the store.  It didn’t help that the lady who ran the shop was amazing, helpful and sweet.

Then we were off to buy pants.  I needed a new pair of pants for the wedding.  Since it was in California, in the desert, outside, in the middle of the day, there was no way I was going to wear a suit.  So I bought a new pair of pants and we were at it again.

I feel like there were about ten things we did next but once again I don’t remember what they were.

I do know we stopped at Ralph’s.  San Diego’s grocery store.

We’d bought dry goods the night before.  Today we needed the stuff that would not have traveled well in the car.  So after what seemed like an eternity we were on our way home.

Whew.  And it’s only 2:00.  I’m exhausted.

So we get back to Todd’s where we are staying.  Adam gets everything out and ready to go in Todd’s virgin kitchen.  Todd has a brand spanking new kitchen with all new appliances and beautiful marble counter tops and he cooks less than I do.  He told Adam that he’d used his oven but Adam didn’t believe him.  As he opened it to check it out he exclaimed that it was the cleanest  oven he’d ever seen.

So Adam started baking and I headed back downtown.

I was doing the lighting for the wedding and so I’d arranged through a friend of mine to borrow some lights from a local theater.  I got there, ransacked the place and was on my way.  From there I went to Ikea to pick up some puck lights that could be hidden away behind a table ( which didn’t work, but was a good idea).  Next was the Old Globe Theater.  Adam wanted to see The First Wives Club musical while we were there.  We’d hoped a friend could get tickets for us but it didn’t work out.  So I decided I would surprise him with tickets.  What I didn’t know was that the box office was closed on Mondays, so I had to table that idea.  (His boss ended up surprising us with tickets so I’m glad that we waited.  I’ll come back to this story).

So I rushed back to Todd’s.

Adam was knee deep in cupcakes.  He’d baked a couple of batches, was mixing more and making frosting all at the same time.  His butter cream frosting is to die for.

He immediately put me to work.

He’d designed all the programs and menus for the wedding.  Earlier in the day (I forgot this part) we’d gone to Kinkos and used their paper cutter to cut all of them down to size.  He’d printed them all in NYC and we’d carried them with us.  NOW I had to use the tiniest little hole punch and punch holes in all 80 programs (six pages) and all 80 menus (two pages).  And then…I had to take the tiniest pieces of ribbon and thread it through the holes to tie everything together.  It took me about two seconds to realize I’d never be able to do this.  I could get the ribbon through the holes but I couldn’t tie the bow.  My fingers are too big and I don’t have the patience.

Adam was still in cupcake hell.  And he hadn’t even baked the cake yet.

And it was 9:00 and we hadn’t eaten in hours.

I called my favorite diner in town and placed an order.  While I was off to pick it up, Adam continued baking.

I could go on and on but we finally got to bed around 1:00 a.m. or so.  We were both exhausted.  All the cupcakes were baked.  The cake was baked.  Neither the cupcakes or the cake had been decorated.  The holes had been punched, but I’d only gotten about ten ribbons done.  And whether we liked it or not we had to go to bed.  We had to be up at 5:00 a.m the next morning to drive to LA and then on north to the wedding site.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

And remember.  It’s only day three and we have two more days of this.

Megamillions is 325 million on Friday with a cash payout of 205 million.  I’ll let you know if I win.