Day One…California.

Fuck I’m tired.

Let me repeat that.

Fuck I’m tired.

Be right back.  Need more Diet Coke to stay awake long enough to write this (it should say something that I just typed rite).

This work crap is for the birds.  I’m too old for it.  I want to be able to sit at home, eat bon-bons and hang out with my boyfriend.  Is that too much for a girl to want.

I’d hoped that I would win the lottery this week.  MegaMillions was 275 million.  I didn’t win.  It’s estimated to be around 325 on Friday.  Perhaps that will be my lucky day.  I only play when it’s big.  And trust me it’s already been spent.  Of course Adam and I keep fighting about giving some of it away.  He thinks we should keep it all.  I think I should spread some of it around to some people/organizations that have helped us along the way.  I figure if you win 325 million you won’t miss the four or five million you give away.  Last time I wrote about the lottery I said I’d fly everyone who commented to NYC for a weekend of fun.  I’m suggesting that I do the same this time, rent out my restaurant and tell them I’ll only do it if the managers do the work.  Sounds good to me.  Then I really tell them what I think of them.

Speaking of work.  Tonight was my first shift in almost two weeks.  In the big scheme of things it was okay.  I sold a lot which was good because I only walked with 11%.  Of course as my friend Autumn said, my 11% is still 50% better than everyone else did.  That’s probably true, but I’d still like to have made more.  I do know that I’m exhausted.  The first day back after a two week break is tough.  I’m not used to running around like a crazy man, being nice to everyone, and pretending that I care.  It takes a lot out of you.


Enough whining.


California was awesome, and grueling, and fun, and stressful, and relaxing and exhausting.  All of those things.  Luckily not at the same time.

The official reason that Adam and I went to CA in the first place was for his best friend Kara’s wedding.  She and her boyfriend of six years were finally tying the knot.  In April when we were out west, we visited Kara and took a quick trip up to the wedding site.  The area is beautiful.  It’s in wine country just north of LA and is very peaceful and serene.  The wedding was held at an old inn in their garden with the reception held in the old coach house.  It was a perfect setting.  In April, Adam and I both gave Kara suggestions (that Adam made her take) about certain things.  We’ll come back to that.

As per the agreement, Adam’s gift to her was to bake the wedding cake.  Which consisted of a two layer top tier for the bride and groom, and 150 cupcakes for everyone else to eat.  He hasn’t downloaded the photos yet, but the idea was to create a tower out of the cupcakes and it would be topped by the two layer cake.  The flowers of choice for the wedding were hydrangeas.  And so in keeping with that idea, the wedding cake as well as all 150 cupcakes were topped with hydrangea flowers.  Made of sugar.

I was a little concerned when he agreed to do this.  But who am I?  And besides all I had to do was go along for the ride.  So for two weeks prior to our leaving Adam worked diligently to make 150+ hydrangea blooms.  That were hand painted in the colors of the wedding.  AND THEN…they had to be wrapped and carefully packed so that they could go in his carry on bag and hopefully get to LA in one piece or more than 150 pieces if you want to be exact.

And that was the easy part.  Once we were in LA the real work began.

Remember how I said that we gave Kara suggestions (orders) as to things that should be done for the wedding.  Adam’s idea of giving these suggestions to Kara was to tell her we would take care of them.  So.

We arrive in San Diego.  Luckily 45 minutes (10:30 p.m.) early so we were able to pick up the rental early.

Ran to my friend Todd’s house and went straight to bed.

Got up at 6:00 the next  morning (you know how I like mornings) and drove to LA.

In LA we ran to pick up Kara and the first stop was the flower market in LA.  If you’ve never been I highly recommend it.  It’s a huge warehouse where all the florist in LA go to buy their flowers.  It’s open to the public after a certain time.  We spent two hours going from stall to stall picking out flowers for the wedding.  Perhaps it’s a good time to tell you that Adam agreed to do the flowers.  We didn’t actually buy anything.  We just went through the market so that Adam could get an idea of what Kara wanted.

After that we began the long journey of driving Kara all over town to run errands.  To one store for lingerie, another store for shoes, another store for this, another store for that.  The most important of all was picking up the wedding dress.  We got there about three minutes before they closed.

Finally we went back to Kara’s, ran to grab food and hit the hay.

The next morning we were up just as early.  At the end of the day, way later than we wanted we drove back to San Diego.  We did get to see Legally Blond on Sunday afternoon so that was a big plus.  See CA was awesome and grueling.  The show was amazing…ohmigod.

…This is as good a place to stop as any.

Tune in tomorrow for all the other things we got to do while we were in California.  On vacation.

PS.  We had a great time, it’s just fun to bitch and give Adam a hard time.

PSS.  This is a test run of the wedding cake.  It looked much different than this when it was all done, but you get the idea.


All them leaves and flowers and crap are all sugar.  He’s pretty talented don’t you think?

Just in case your bored with nothing else to do today.


5 thoughts on “Day One…California.

  1. Rick August 27, 2009 / 06:04

    Sounds like you had fun.

  2. javabear August 27, 2009 / 06:49

    Wow. I’m exhausted just reading this and you barely got started. She didn’t pick out the wedding dress until HOW close to the wedding??? That would have me in a panic.

    The test cake is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the end result.

    Honey, I definitely think you should be able to sit at home, eat bon-bons, and hang out with your boyfriend. I hope you win the lottery. I also think it’s good to donate some of your winnings to the good causes that are dear to your heart.

  3. Sarah August 27, 2009 / 09:50

    You found a man who can bake! Way better than a doctor!

  4. karen August 27, 2009 / 11:43

    Love to read about your adventures. And whenever I see a diet coke I think of you…and I don’t even know you!!
    Write more soon!!

  5. TravelingSM September 1, 2009 / 21:13

    ok… quick changes in Legally Blonde… AMAZING!!! Just sayin…

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