Men With Baggage?

You know me.  I start about a million stories and never finish them.  But what can you do.  New things annoy me and I have to discuss them.

So today on Joe. My. God. I saw this post.  Men With Baggage.

It’s innocuous enough.  It’s a post about men who carry murses.  His photo and the post were pulled from The Daily News.

I’d never even heard of a murse before.  What the fuck is a murse?   And who decided to call it this?

After reading the article, the post and the comments I’m still not sure if I carry a murse, although I’m pretty sure that I do.

What I didn’t know was that it was such an important issue.  I also didn’t realize it made one gay as the other articles I googled seemed to say.  I didn’t know carrying a 50 dollar messenger bag made me gay.  I’d have saved a trillion dollars in therapy if someone had just told me that years ago.  Carry a messenger bag:  gay.  Don’t carry a messenger bag:  Not gay.  Of course based on the research I did today on the train and the street I’d say about 75% of the men in NYC are gay.  The other 25% is probably also gay but for some reason left their murse at home.

One of the funnier comments on Joe.My.God was the person (or three) who said that if you needed a murse to carry your things around you had too much stuff to begin with.

And my point.

When I leave my apartment tomorrow, I’ll be gone for about 12 hours.  I have a 30 minute commute one way.  An hour commute in the other direction.  I have to run to the post office.  The bank.  The pharmacy.  If I were more motivated I’d go to the gym as well.

And so when I leave my apartment tomorrow I HAVE  to have the following:  My work pants.  Shirt.  Apron.  Shoes.  Pens.  My journal.  My Ipod.  My book.  The New York Times.  The money I made tonight that has to go in the bank tomorrow.  The mail I have to mail.  When I finish at the pharmacy, I’ll have the prescriptions I picked up, deodorant, toothpaste, and a card for Adam.

I need all of these things and I haven’t even gotten to work yet.

So then I work.

And then I leave work.  If I’m meeting friends for drinks after I have to cart all of the above mentioned things with me.  At 4:00 a.m when I get home, I’m exhausted, and tired and I’m still carrying all the shit with me.

If I lived anywhere else in the country, I’d just leave it all in the car till the next morning.

I challenge anyone to live in NYC (or any other public transit city) and not carry a bag.  The only people I know who don’t, live about three blocks from where they work and play.  Everyone else, and I mean everyone else carries a bag.  Some of them are cheap.  Some of them are expensive.  But they all carry a bag.

So my question is this.  Why do we need to call it a murse.  It seems to me to carry some derogatory meaning.  I carry my bag.  Either my backpack, or my messenger bag.  Neither of them define me.  Make me who I am.  Etc.  Maybe I’m just tired.  But it annoyed the hell out of me today.

Beside you know anyone who’d make fun of this guy’s murse?


I’m just saying!

2 thoughts on “Men With Baggage?

  1. Urspo August 5, 2009 / 23:23

    I call it either a bum bag (the small one) or my ghost bag (the larger)

  2. Java August 6, 2009 / 12:38

    Makes sense to me. I dislike the name “murse.”

    I have wondered for years how men get away with not carrying some kind of bag. Women carry purses to hold all manner of useful (or un-) things. What does a man do if he needs these things? Go without? Ask a woman for something?

    Ignore the murse thing. Do what you need to do and don’t apologize.

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