Tipping Tip 2,584

I’ve been meaning to discuss this for a while now.

Many years ago.  Back when the best beer in the place was Pabst Blue Ribbon and Stoli was top shelf vodka someone came up with the idea that when you purchased a drink a dollar per drink tip was appropriate.  You get two vodka cranberries you leave two dollars on the bar.  And for decades and decades everyone followed this rule.

Unfortunately today, many people still follow this rule.  I don’t know how to break it to you but when you are buying 12 dollar drinks, two dollars is not enough.  At least three or four times a night I wait on people that tip me on the dollar per drink system.  So their check is 42 dollars and they had four drinks so they leave four dollars.  Which isn’t even ten percent.  If I tip out what I’m supposed to tip out I make about 1.75 on the table.

Today the equation should really be:  take a look at  the check.  Tip accordingly.  If you are in a bar where the beers are two for one and they cost 4.50 each.  Then leave two dollars.  If you are in a bar where a martini cost 12.50 and you have four.  Then 10 dollars is an appropriate tip.  Besides if you can afford four $12.50 martinis, it’s my guess that you can afford the tip.

This tip was brought to you by your friendly waiter, Maddog.


One thought on “Tipping Tip 2,584

  1. Bob July 2, 2009 / 10:26

    Sounds more than logical to me, but then people who’ve never worked in the “food biz” think a dollar a drink is fine, whether it’s a four dollar beer or a twelve dollar ‘tini.

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