A Kick in the Teeth!

Saturday night was a late night.  We had a push right at the end of the night.  It’s was almost 2:45 a.m. before I got to the station to head home.  Luckily the train didn’t take 30 minutes to arrive as it did on Friday night.  It does however take about 45 minutes to get home once I am on the train.  So it was well on it’s way to 4:00 when I got off the train.  I was half asleep when I got off and struggled to the top of the stairs and slugged my way to the gate.

Without even looking I humped my bag up on my shoulders and started through the turnstile.

Subway turnstile

These particular turnstiles are designed to let a person exit at will but not allow someone to enter unless they swipe in.  I’ve pushed through them a million times without any worry.  Which was the mistake on Saturday night.  You push through and then the turnstile kicks back a little to lock into place.  On Saturday night it did just that.  Catching me squarely in the mouth.  I grunted a “Fuck.  That hurt.  I could have chipped a tooth.”  As I started up the stairs out of the station I stopped and said, FUCK!!@!#%!  I CHIPPED A TOOTH.  FUCK.  FUCK.  FUCK.

Yeah.  Fuck.  It didn’t hurt so I knew that there was not any nerve damage to speak of.  It was just rough and sharp and kept poking my tongue.  When I got home I confirmed that indeed it was chipped.   I’d chipped about a 16th of an inch off one of my top front teeth.  I woke up Adam to show him.  He’s a hard one to wake up in the middle of the night but the minute he realized something was wrong he was wide awake.  We chatted for a while and in his “I’m a good boyfriend way” told me it would all be okay.  

I went to bed.

All day on Sunday it annoyed me.  I kept scraping my tongue across it.  And since it was weird I couldn’t stop myself from doing it.  I also felt like a leper because it was chipped.  I come from a long family of people without teeth and I suddenly felt like one of the brood.  Of course in reality 99% of the people out there wouldn’t even notice this little chip, but that was beside the point.  And it kept annoying me.  Last night was even worse.  Kissing Adam became a problem because I kept scraping the inside of my lip across my tooth which hurt.  It made just about anything else too scary to even try.

First thing this morning I got up to find a dentist.  I’ve had dental insurance for a year but have not bothered to use it.  I know.  I know.  My teeth should have been cleaned twice by now.  But I keep putting it off.  So I searched through the insurance website and randomly picked someone.  I went with someone whose name started with an F because I needed some criteria.  They were able to see me today.  And so I was off to get my snaggletooth repaired.

It was a pretty easy thing to do.  First they x-rayed it to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong.  There was not.  Although the dentist did say that will all injuries like this it could kill the tooth and that in two or three months or two or three years the tooth would start to discolor and they’d have to fix that then.  They didn’t even numb it.  She took the sander out and roughed it up some.  And then put bonding on.  Then she filed that down.  She even made it have the same sort of imperfections the other front tooth has.  And in a jif I was done.  

While I was there they went ahead and did a full set of x-rays.  I’m going back next week for a cleaning.  I also have a cavity.  Unfortunately it is beneath a 20 year old filling so she can’t really tell from the x-ray how bad it is.  So when I go back next week they’ll remove the old filling and get rid of the decay and determine how bad it is.  If it’s not too bad they’ll replace the filling and I’ll be done.  If it’s bad then I’ll have to have a root canal.  Which hurts my head, my mouth and my pocket book.  

All this from one late night at work.


This was the before photo the dentist took today before she fixed my tooth.


She worked miracles.


4 thoughts on “A Kick in the Teeth!

  1. Rick June 16, 2009 / 05:46

    Oh, you can barely notice the chip.

  2. Donnie June 16, 2009 / 08:34

    Ouch! Glad you got the tooth taken care of Maddog, but that last photo almost made me lose my breakfast. Yuck!

  3. javabear June 16, 2009 / 13:09

    Holy Sh!t, Maddog! Damn, I was eating a slice of pizza as I read this. I don’t feel so good now.

  4. Urspo June 16, 2009 / 23:39

    dear me, what choppers!
    I hope all is well now.

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