Anti-gay testimony at DC elections board marriage hearing

This guy does more damage to his own cause when he speaks then he’ll ever do to ours. His logic doesn’t make sense and he REACHES to try to tie it all together. All of this bullshit and he doesn’t even live in DC and shouldn’t have been given the floor at all.  Scary.  VERY scary.


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  1. Kelly June 14, 2009 / 08:32

    It is hard to believe people actually think that stupid.

  2. javabear June 14, 2009 / 08:59

    He is wearing a clerical collar. That right there tips us off that he’s a raving lunatic. Sadly. It grieves me that the lunacy is associated with the clergy. Not all clergy are like this, but the ones who are give the whole lot a bad name. e.g. this fool.

    Damn, this guy is hard to listen to.

  3. Sarah June 15, 2009 / 08:04

    He could have saved three minutes out of all our lives if he’d just said, “I hate fags and dykes.” After all, that’s what his point was.

    Now if the LGBT community is too be discriminated against because they have made a “choice” about whom they love, how come we can’t discriminate against people because of their chosen religious beliefs?

    Homosexuality is not a choice. Religion is a choice. Stupidity is a choice.

  4. Donnie June 15, 2009 / 08:53

    *rolls eyes* It’s a good thing I have a strong stomach…or else this diatribe would cause me to lose my breakfast.

  5. John June 15, 2009 / 10:14


    This man is raving lunatic!

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