Woman Says Waitress Shot Her In Dispute Over Food

Clarendon County, SC –

A Clarendon County waitress is accused of shooting a customer at the restaurant after the two had a dispute.   Yakeisha Ward, 29, is charged with assault and battery with intent to kill. 

An early morning run for breakfast at the Waffle House on Paxville Highway in Manning turned terribly wrong for Crystal Samuel. 

“I thought I was gonna get me an All-Star,” says Samuel. A popular meal on the menu. “Grits, sausage, toast, eggs and a waffle,” says Samuel. 

She didn’t get what she came for. Instead, she says while she waited for her order, her friends started eating. That’s when Samuel says she was told they couldn’t eat from carryout trays inside the restaurant. 

“I said what is your fuss about. I said we haven’t paid for our food. She (Ward) said well you all got to leave. How you want us to leave and we ain’t paid for the food yet,” says Samuel. 

That’s when it got ugly. Samuel says she threw a waffle at the waitress. “I did actually throw some food but it didn’t hit her,” says Samuel. “That’s when she (Ward) jumped across the counter and we got into it,” says Samuel. 

Clarendon County Sheriff Randy Garrett says the altercation continued outside where he says Ward got a gun from her car and a gun magazine from her trunk. 

“It’s poor judgment on her part trying to settle this matter with a weapon. Either way she had time to think about what she was doing when she was walking to her car,” says Garrett. 

Investigators say Ward’s gun discharged during the altercation. They say a bullet fragment struck Samuel in the arm. 

“Deputies were close by when they rolled up in the parking lot the victim and the suspect were still engaged in a fight,” says Garrett. 

Before it ended, authorities say Ward struck the victim in the head with the gun. 

“She got the last lick,”says Samuel. Meanwhile Ward has bonded out of jail. On Tuesday afternoon, News 19 found her inside the Waffle House where the incident happened. 

She declined to talk to us on camera but says she got out of jail after paying $500. As for Samuel, she has only one thing to say about Waffle House. “Bad customer service,” says Samuel. 

Investigators say it appears that Ward’s gun was legally purchased.


I don’t condone what this woman did.  But if you’ve ever waited tables it’s not hard to imagine this happening.  I’m surprised in fact that it doesn’t happen more than it does.  In the time I’ve been waiting table since just after college I’ve seen a manger slapped, punched, and one was hit in the head with a ketchup bottle.  I’ve heard customers call restaurant employees stupid, fat, ignorant, faggots and niggers.  I’ve seen people refuse to pay for dinner because there weren’t enough French Fries on the plate.  I’ve seen parties of ten refuse to pay the added gratuity because they don’t agree with the idea of tipping.  I’ve seen customers throw food.  There was the customer who swept an entire rack of wine glasses onto the floor because he was cut off.  I’ve seen drinks thrown in server’s faces.  I once heard a customer tell a girl that he didn’t want her to wait on him because she wasn’t pretty enough.  He over turned three tables after the manager kicked him out.  

Unfortunately I’m not exaggerating on any of these. All of these things have happened in restaurants that I’ve worked in.  Yes they are worst case scenarios but everyday it’s something.  Sometimes I’m surprised that anyone is willing to do this.  It’s certainly not for the faint of heart.  Yes, we make money but as someone responded on Facebook where I pulled saw this article, I’d pay 500 bucks to shoot some of the people I dealt with tonight.  Think about that the next time you ask for an ice tea refill before your glass is empty.

Of course if you’ve ever eaten at a Waffle House you know that to even enter the place is taking your life into your own hands.




5 thoughts on “Woman Says Waitress Shot Her In Dispute Over Food

  1. Rick June 12, 2009 / 05:39

    Now I’m afraid to ask for an ice tea refill.

    : )

  2. Sarah June 12, 2009 / 06:52

    I had a hand go up the back of my skirt as I leaned over a bust stand to grab a pot of coffee. While my manager was pleased to finally have an excuse to kick that table of assholes out, I regretted that I hadn’t thrown the coffee on that guy.

  3. catrina June 12, 2009 / 08:34

    Ahhh, Waffle House. While traveling through Oklahoma years ago, hubby and I stopped at a Waffle House for a quick (greasy) meal. There was a ruckus between two cowboys, things flew through the air, and my hubby was drenched with ketchup and scattered, covered,
    smothered…oh hell, whatever kind of hashbrowns! The cops came, the manager comped our meal (that we never got to eat anyway), and two weeks later we had a check from Waffle House for $100 for the ruined clothes. That’s probably more than that store made all day! But, wait, there’s more! We decided to head on down the road to a Pizza Hut, but when we got there it was full of cops…..it had just been robbed! We setteled on Sonic, where you don’t have to get out of your car.

  4. Donnie June 12, 2009 / 12:01

    That’s the “norm” for Waffle Houses (or Huddle Houses) down here in NC/SC. People take their breakfast VERY seriously.

  5. javabear June 14, 2009 / 09:16

    I concur with what Donnie said. People down here take their breakfast very seriously. This article amuses me, as sad as it is. If I’d heard the story without knowing the establishment in which it took place, I could easily have guessed.

    Have you heard stories of school bus drivers “gone wrong”? Same theory. I’m amazed there aren’t more incidents of bus drivers smacking kids.

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