Two Year Anniversary.

Its 12:05 a.m. on Monday night.  June 8th, 2009.

In a little less than five hours it will be the official two year anniversary of my starting this blog.

It’s funny how much faster time moves as you get older.  As a kid a year took twice as long.  As a 44 year old man, a year passes in about six months.  It scares me to think how fast they are going to move in another ten years.

A lot has happened since. Not much has happened since. A lot has happened since. Not much has happened since.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that a lot has happened.  It’s just not what I thought would happen.

I’m not  a famous Broadway lighting designer.  I’m barely a designer at all.

I am working at a restaurant in Times Square, although it’s not Friday’s.

I am still living in New York although there are too many times to count that I wonder why I moved here at all.

I don’t really have any professional prospects.

That’s the bad news.

The good news.

I’m in love.  For the first time in a long time.  Perhaps for the first time ever.  I’m in the early stages of a romance that seems to have the foundation to last a long time.  I look forward to spending time with Adam.  I don’t tire of him when we are together.  And I miss him as soon as he leaves.  It’s a wonderful feeling.

I hadn’t planned this post to be a sad one.  I don’t actually mean for it to be.  Does life ever go the way you have it planned?  If it did, I don’t think it would be called “Life.”  There are a lot of wonderful things that have happened to me since I wrote that first post.  And truth be told, not too much bad.  I have a job.  I’m healthy.  (Let’s not talk about that ankle).  My family and friends are all healthy.  I’ve met some wonderful people that I count as part of my core group of friends.  My bills are paid…well except for a couple of big ones that I’m choosing to ignore for the moment.  Adam is in my life.  Life is good.

I’ve also met some wonderful people online as well.  Mr. Ur-Spo and Mr. Dan were two of my first ever commenters.  They left me comments at the end of June.  On the same day actually.  They’ve been regular readers ever since.  I’ve kept up with their lives as well.  There are ten or so blogs that I read every day now.  I feel like I miss my “stories” when I don’t read them.  In many ways I feel like I’ve known these people forever.

Who’s to say where I’ll be in two more years.  Or five.  Or ten.  Or twenty.  Or fifty.  I’m not even sure I’d like to know if given the opportunity.  I’ve always been one who likes the surprise.  I’ve told many people this over the years, Adam most recently.  If you bought my birthday present and put it in a bag on the floor in the corner and told me not to look because I’d ruin the surprise,  I’d never look.  Not till I was told to.  Perhaps this is left over from being the kid who knew his parents couldn’t give him the gifts he wanted  The anticipation of the gift is far better than the actual gift.

So continue to stop by.  I’m trying to do a better job of posting every day.  I miss it when I don’t.  It’s a great way for me to document my life.  Hopefully someday, someone will send a relative or loved one the link and say “Read this.  It’ll tell you about Jeff.  It’s his story.  Told in his words.”

I just realized that someone should have cued the funeral music about three paragraphs ago.  Sorry about that.  It’s all good.  I’ll keep bitching.  And complaining.  And bragging.  And sharing.  That’s what I do.

Thanks for coming along for the journey.



6 thoughts on “Two Year Anniversary.

  1. Urspo June 8, 2009 / 23:18

    congratulations on the anniversary. I am very glad you are blogging. I look forward to two more years and more.

  2. DanNation June 9, 2009 / 00:44

    Same as Urspo said. Congrats! When people ask me what I’m up to, I always say “Haven’t you read DanNation?” with a look of shock. Here’s to two more wonderful years!

  3. javabear June 9, 2009 / 07:28

    I’m mighty glad I found you. I love reading about the things going on in your life. It is fascinating to see how you handle what life throws at you. No, you aren’t a big name lighting director. How did that happen? I watch it unfold as you tell about your life. I have learned many things from you, most specifically I’ve gained a new respect for wait staff in dining establishments.

    How did you come to blogging? What inspired you to begin a blog?

  4. Sarah June 9, 2009 / 07:56

    That post didn’t come across as sad to me. It was about you and your blog. It was written with a maturity that grows from from experience and pride. Congratulations!

  5. catrina June 9, 2009 / 07:56

    I’m glad I found you, too. Maybe your life isn’t as you’d planned it, but I’m betting there have been some good things that you hadn’t planned, too. And maybe you’re not that famous lighting director because there’s something even better in store. I have found that being optimistic makes me much happier than being a realist—and sometimes I’m even pleasantly suprised!
    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Donnie June 9, 2009 / 11:59

    Happy Anniversary, Maddog! I always love reading your blog (even though I haven’t been a daily visitor like I used to be). I liked the post and didn’t think it had a “sad feel” to it at all.

    May you have many more years of blogging in you. *big bear hug*

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