A New York Moment.

I promise to get back to Adam’s trip to Kentucky.  But this was too funny not to post.

Sunday is mine and Adam’s official day together.  The day is ours to spend as we want.  It usually starts with breakfast.  Adam loves to cook so more often than not it’s something like French Toast or homemade waffles.  At some point, usually later than we plan, we head out into the city to actually do something.  This past Sunday was no different.

We took the train downtown and got off in the Financial District.  We walked around downtown, did a quick once through of Century 21 and then headed up town.  We basically just wandered a long looking in stores stopping for coffee and Diet Coke along the way.  We stopped in CB2 for almost an hour decorating our new apartment (in a year or two) and trying to decide if our taste in furniture is the same.  We picked out a new dining room table that seats ten.  What can I say?   He likes to cook.  I like to host.  It’s perfect.  From there we headed over to the Lower East Side to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  It’s a little hole in the wall.  The only alcohol it serves is margaritas and they are kick ass.  Two of those suckers and you are on your way.  The food’s pretty good to.

So after two margaritas and some Mexican food we headed toward the Village.  We were on our way to Stonewall to play pool before we headed back up town.

We were walking hand in hand back across town.  It was a beautiful night.  At the corner of 6th and Greenwich Adam put his arm around me and pulled me me close and kissed me.  We then hugged each other.  We were hugging when we both heard someone say, “Excuse me.”

So we turned.

It was two older black ladies.

“Sorry to interrupt.”

“That’s okay.”

“Do you mind if we ask you a question?”

“No.  Not at all.”

“It’s kind of personal.”


“Do you guys know where we could buy a………….dildoe?”

If there were sound effects this is where you’d hear a record scratch to a halt.

We both laughed at the same time.

“What makes you think we might know where to buy a dildoe.”

“Uh, uh, nothing.  We just thought you might know.”

We continued laughing and told them where to go on Seventh Avenue to get one.

The four of us crossed the street together.  As we crossed one of them said, “It’s not for us.  It’s for a wedding shower.”

And I said,  “Uh. uh.  I’ve heard that before.”

As we got to the other side we explained where to go one more time.  As they walked away we both burst out laughing.

And then we went to Stonewall and played pool with two drag queens.