Fuck the “A” train.

It’s late.

As usual.

Which annoys me.

I got out of work later than usual tonight, which was good because I was actually making money.

I got to the subway station at 1:20.  I walked through the door of my apartment at 3:05.  Do the math.  I’ll wait.  For those of you who are math challenged I’ll do it for you.

One hour and forty five minutes.

Almost two hours to get home.  I can walk it in almost that much time.

It’s usually no more than an hour from the moment I swipe my card till I get home.  But for the last several weeks they’ve been doing repair work at my end of the subway line which causes the MTA to close the downtown section of the track.  This means that one train has to go back and forth on the uptown track.  The MTA has been nice enough to tell us this is going to happen.  And they’ve been nice enough to give us a schedule of what times the shuttle train will run.

Tonight I got to the 168 train station at 2:15.  Based on their schedule the next train should have arrived around 2:25 and headed back out at 2:31.  The train finally arrived at 2:50.  And then left immediately instead of waiting till 3:01 as it was scheduled to leave.

My question is:  “Why spend money to publish a schedule if it’s bullshit and you aren’t trying to adhere to it.  Last fall the MTA  was doing the same kind of work.  Which entailed a shuttle train.  Without any notification.  I’d get to 168 and be told to exit the train and wait for a shuttle train.  And then I’d wait till it arrived and continue home.  I find it far less annoying to not know anything and for the arrival of the train to be random than to be told it will arrive at a certain time and then to have it not happen.

Tonight I filed a complaint.  I said pretty much what I’ve said here, except a little more concisely and with a little less sarcasm.  Except for the part when I explained that with the MTA being millions if not billions of dollars over budget, so much so that the state is having to bail them out, that perhaps not printing full color signs that pretty much do nothing would save them thousands of dollars a week.  Times 52 weeks a year, I’m thinking that might add up to a lot of dough.  And that’s just on the A line.  God knows what it’s like to ride any of the other lines.


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