Just Me.

I sometimes wonder if there is something genetically wrong with me that keeps me from being in bed by a reasonable hour.  Adam is beginning to believe the same thing.  He doesn’t understand how I am able to stay up so late and why I don’t try to get to bed earlier.  I have a lighting design due in the next week or so and he’s already told me that I need to do my work during the day so that I can have my evenings free for him.  I’ve tried to tell him that it’s not going to happen, but I guess he’ll believe me in a week or two.

Since I’m on the subject of Oklahoma.  Yes I’m going back.  If you are new to my blog you should go back and read the last two year’s June posts.  I have been in Oklahoma designing lights for a summer theatre.  I live in a dorm with 12 year old actors, drink bourbon like it’s water, hide in the bathroom during thunderstorms and keep my readers entertained with the insaneness that is Oklahoma.  And my god, it’s already started.  I have lots to fill you in on.  I need to catch everyone up in the next two days because the fun stuff hasn’t even started yet and I’m already about to throw in my towel and say fuck it.

I now have to go to bed.  Adam is glad I’ve started writing again, and he’s started reading my old posts.  What he doesn’t like is that I wait till the end of the day to write.  I was given 20 minutes to check email, Facebook and write my post and it’s now 19:46 so I’m trying to wrap up thi…


3 thoughts on “Just Me.

  1. Peter May 3, 2009 / 01:43

    Oh boy, he’s claiming you already! 😉
    He has a point thou… wouldn’t love to snuggle up to him and fall asleep together?

  2. Urspo May 3, 2009 / 12:56

    Yes Virginia, There really are people who are wired like that. The matter how much they try to conform to more usual sleep and wake hours, they seem to be wired to wake and sleep at different times.
    Often they adjust their lives to accommodate themselves rather than vice a versa. perhaps you are one of these.

  3. javabear May 3, 2009 / 14:08


    Oklahoma again, huh? You are a glutton for punishment. In that, you remind me of myself. Oy.

    Will Kelly be there too? She’s the lovely bit of sanity in the sea of inanity.

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