My head is going to explode…

An acquantience from undergrad posted this “note” on Facebook two days ago.

It’s making my head explode.

I’ll post my response to it tomorrow.

Feel free to kick him in the face as you read this.

Mexicans are dying from this “terrible” new strain of flu that can be treated with Tamiflu or other over the counter medications available in any drugstore in the US. Do me a favor…if you do not in any shape or form work in the health care industry then SHUT UP. You do NOT know what to do to fix it AND you do not even know what the problems with it are.

Natasha Richardson died from a bump on the head in the nirvana of health care you imbeciles want us to copy: Canada. The territory she was in did not have a hospital with a CT scan machine. There are even some stand alone doctors offices in the states that have Ct scanners and EVERY hospital no matter how small does. And if not then we have medical evac helicopters that can get hyou to a trauma center in minutes.

You want to bitch about the drug companies and what they charge. But if there comesan epidemic or a small pox outbreak thanks to the wonderful terrorists that we are no longer allowed to interrogate then you think they should have a stockpile of anti-dotes and wonder drugs to treat you. Let me clue you in. NO ONE… repeat NO ONE is eating cat food or going hungry because they cannot afford their medications. Every drug manufacturer has a program to provide free (yes FREE, as in no charge, not even a co-pay or postage) meds if you can prove you cannot afford it. That means filling out a one-page form and attaching a copy of you income tax. I am not guessing on this. I have seen the forms, seen the meds delivered to the doctors office, know numerous people who take advantage of this.

Insurance is SUPPOSED to be for catastrophic emergencies, not for your monthly visit to the doc for you feel good pills. You want to lower health cost then start paying for your doctors visits, stop going to the ER when you have a sniffle, and learn how to wipe your own ass.

The government does not owe you healthcare or education. The rich are not here for the government to rape and pillage to give to those who refuse to work. You want to fix Chysler and Chevy don’t start building Obama mobiles, get the government and all their stupid-ass regulations out of the way

While we are on the subject….does the current administration think anything through? Buildings in New York were evacuated today and people were scarred to death because a large 747 was swooping very low around downtown with a fighter jet following. Mr Obama wanted pictures of his jet plane in fron of some of the nations landmarks. They did not tell any of the officials in New York what they were going to do. Have you liberals never heard of PHOTOSHOP???

I do not know why I am on such a rant tonight, but here it is. I even put it in a note instead of out in the open so if you don’t want to read it you don’t have to. If you disagree then argue with me


3 thoughts on “My head is going to explode…

  1. Chris May 1, 2009 / 02:25

    One word – DUMBASS. Fire off both canons Maddog, let him have it.

  2. BearToast Joe May 1, 2009 / 11:04

    This is crazy ass stuff. There are so many incorrect statements, it is hard to believe. But just because it’s on the internet . . . . .

    I guess this idiot doesn’t have any, or many, meds to buy.

    I have little patience with such, I’d ignore it.

  3. Sarah May 1, 2009 / 16:28

    Actually, those wacky founding fathers did think people were owed an education. Obviously I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing if the medical field were a tad more advanced than it was 200 plus years ago, they would have included healthcare with public education and public libraries. It does not appear this person has helped himself to the last two for quite some time.

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