“A Sickly Maddog” Well Sort of…

It’s Saturday morning or I should say afternoon.  I just woke up.  I should probably say WE just woke up.  I spent the night at Adam’s last night.  Actually I spent the whole night at Adam’s last night.  I sort of called in sick to work.  Actually I didn’t call in.  I went there, but on the whole train ride there I kept telling myself how I didn’t want to work.   By the time I got there I just couldn’t do it.  It wasn’t a full blown anxiety attack but it was well on it’s way.  And so I sort of lied and told them I had a migraine and needed to go home.  They were very kind and let me leave.  Of course by the time I left the anxiety had become a full blown anxiety attack so I’m glad I didn’t work.

I ended up spending the whole night at Adam’s.  Adam likes to bake and over the last few years has learned to decorate cakes.  His boss had asked him to make a cake for her daughter so he spent the night baking and carving and decorating the cake.  I was actually able to get started on the design of the next show that I am doing.  Every once in a while I would head to the kitchen to refill my Diet Coke and give him a kiss.  It was nice just being there, even though we weren’t really talking to each other or spending direct time with each other.  It was very comfortable.

Last night as I was sitting at my computer, I realized that part of the reason I didn’t want to work was because I hadn’t really spent any time with my boyfriend for the past two weeks.  We were in California, we fought, he flew home and we’d seen each once since then.  So I’m glad I didn’t work last night.  I’m also not going to work tonight.  We are going to have a date.  It’s supposed to be in the 80’s today.  So we are going to drop off the cake, stay about 10 minutes at the party and then head back into the city to hang out.  I think we are going to walk around and then find a little sidewalk cafe to have dinner at.  I can hardly wait.

And a couple of people have mentioned “The Shitty”  lighting job that I’ve done for the last two summers.  The show I started working on last night was “The Shitty” show in Oklahoma that I’m doing this year.  It’s productions of Little Night Music, and My Fair Lady.  True to form the shows are already full of drama and stress.  I’ve had to send a series of emails to demand payment of my first installment.  And now we have discovered the theatre doesn’t want to give us the instruments that we need.  Stay tuned, I’ll keep you up to date and of course once I get there I’ll be sending my daily updates.  I’m sure you can hardly wait.

5 thoughts on ““A Sickly Maddog” Well Sort of…

  1. BearToast Joe April 25, 2009 / 14:03

    again, glad you’re back. Oh to be so smitten.

    I think some of the best times with one you love are times of simple being together, and being together simply, and being simply together.

    No words. Just being.

    When you can do that comfortably, you’ve come a long way.

  2. Peter April 25, 2009 / 14:37

    Sorry for calling it a ‘shitty job’ but we all know what a hell it made of your life back then. Since you’ve accepted that job again I feel another storm brewing… the effects have already started.

    I can’t wait with what will happen next! 😉

  3. Rick April 26, 2009 / 07:42

    So glad you’re posting again. I look forward to your little updates. Glad you and Adam are going strong…sorry to hear about the fight but stuff like that happens. All healthy relationships air their differences.

  4. Urspo April 26, 2009 / 18:28

    I finally found you!!!!
    I am glad you are back as well.

  5. Sarah April 26, 2009 / 21:45

    You know what? I really like the posts about last year’s jobs in Iowa and Oklahoma. Natural disasters, busted bones, annoying actors and a nutjob director – what’s not to love?

    Hope you had fun on your date.

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