I’m Hungry!!!

I had the day off today.

And I actually got more done that I would say that I did.  Or that it looks like I did.

I went to the movies.  The real movies.  I saw “All About Eve.”  There is a theatre in Chelsea that hosts classic movie night on Thursdays.   And tonight it was one of our gayer movies.  It was a lot of fun.  I’ve only seen the movie a few times, but it was clear that many people in the audience had seen it a million times.  They knew all the lines and were quoting them with the actors.  And as annoying as that might sound, it was pretty funny.  Add to the equation Hedda Lettuce was the host and MC.


She was fabulous.  And funny.  And she had a microphone during the movie and occasionally would pipe in with some witty remark.

All in all it was a fun night.

And yet I’m depressed.

I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow.  I want to have another day off.  Actually I’d like to not have to go back to work at all, but at least one more day off would be nice.  But alas that is not to be.  So I just get to be depressed.

So I’m going to eat.  I just got back from the deli where I got a roast beef sandwich and a Nemo’s red velvet cake.  Which is not going to help the weight much.  But I’m hungry, and I don’t want to make my much eaten usual meal.  And did I mention that I’m hungry.  I didn’t eat dinner until 10:30 p.m.  Which was my first meal of the day.  I know, I know, I know. You don’t have to tell me.  I have to eat throughout the day.  But my days off are hard.  Normally I eat breakfast, but I was on the phone from 12:30 till 2:30 so that didn’t happen.  And then I headed downtown and I meant to get a snack and that didn’t happen.  And so I didn’t eat until the movie was over.  And then it was Thai.  Which was delicious.  But didn’t really fill me up.  And now it’s four hours later and I’m starving again.  And I suppose I should just go to bed.  And I’ve been fighting with myself for the past hour about this.  And finally I said what the fuck and went to get the sandwich.  And just like everything I’ll beat myself up for eating it tomorrow.  But eat it I will.  And tomorrow I’ll get back on the diet wagon and shoot for my goal of 200 pounds by May 1st.



3 thoughts on “I’m Hungry!!!

  1. Lemuel January 9, 2009 / 06:08

    You are allowed an occasional treat. don’t beat yourself up over it. As for you eating schedule (one meal a day), to me it sounds very “New York City”.

  2. javabear January 9, 2009 / 08:02

    Hedda Lettuce looks delicious.
    Is there any sunshine in New York today? Checking weather.com it appears there will be sun this afternoon, though it’ll be cold and windy. Does sunshine help cheer you up any? I hope you have a good night at work tonight.

  3. urspo January 9, 2009 / 23:44

    persevere! Don’t succomb to bad food!

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