Sam — Chapter 12

Where does the time go when you are having fun.  With work, the holidays, my trip to Iowa, my trip to Maine, and my absolute laziness, I haven’t had a single entry about Sam in two months.

So chapter 12.

It’s our first winter together.  Since we started dating, I’ve moved from a two bedroom apartment that I shared with a girl named Kathy, to a one bedroom apartment that I share with no one Sam.  Not much changes.  We are still working on our relationship, I’m still cheating, we are both in the depths of school, I’m still waiting tables and Sam has gotten a job at Structure.

And part of my duties as a grad student is to teach an Intro to Theatre class for non-majors.  I’d taught the class the previous semester and had a lot of fun.  And so it was to be this semester.  Until Marie decided that she couldn’t teach Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 and needed to teach Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00.  And guess who was signed up to take Introduction to Theatre at 9:30.  You guessed it.  Sam.  And I suppose I should have made him drop the class.  But I was young.  And he was younger.  And it was against the rules.  And what’s life if you can’t break some of the rules.

So on Tuesday and Thursday mornings we would drive into school together.  I would drop Sam off a couple of blocks from campus and then I would park my car and hurry into class.  Sam sat in the second row on the aisle to the left of me.  And I pretended to not know him.  And I tried my best not to show him any favoritism.  And I suppose I was successful at that, because I made him re-write his first paper.  I don’t even remember why, but it wasn’t very good.  I also didn’t help him out with the tests.  There was only one so that wasn’t so hard.  I don’t remember what his final grade was in the class.  I want to say it was an “A”.  I’ll have to ask him.

I’d never do that again.  But I have to admit that it was fun breaking the rules and not getting caught.  I don’t think anyone ever knew he was in the class with me, and everyone in the department knew we were dating.  As you can see I’ve been very good at lying for a very long time.

Tune into Chapter 13 when I tell you about the first real affair that I had while we were dating.


One thought on “Sam — Chapter 12

  1. Lemuel January 8, 2009 / 08:12

    Lying is such a nasty word. You were very good at “spinning”. 😉

    In my 15+ years of teaching (adjunct), I never had anyone in class that was family or with whom I was having a relationship (at least in “real life”; ignore those in my fantasies 😀 ). I did have a few who were co-workers or who became co-workers. For the most part it all worked out, but even that was very awkward for me.

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