Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!!

Saw this today on another site and it made me laugh.  Just click to make it bigger.


Worked sucked tonight.  Everyone was grumpy.  They were stingy and as one of my co-workers said, “This is longest short shift ever.”

Enough said.

Around 7:30 or so I sat two women in my section.  They didn’t have an accent and so when I handed them their menus and asked them to have a seat I asked them where they were from.  They were from Pennsylvania.  I told them that they were my first American table of the night.  They had a chuckle at that and they took their seats.  I stopped by and took their drink order.  I brought them their drinks.  Told them to let me know when they were ready to order food.  I was called over about 15 minutes later and was asked for another drink.  Which I didn’t understand because they both still had full drinks in front of them.  So I brought the one her new drink and asked her if something was wrong with the first.  The first was a pomegranate martini and the second was a vodka martini.  She told me the first was a little too sweet for her, but she’d work on it after she had a real one.  About 15 minutes later I notice she still hasn’t touched the first drink and so I pick it up and toldl her that she doesn’t need to worry about drinking it and that I’d get it taken off the bill.

And the rest of their visit was not memorable.  I got them a couple of more rounds of drinks.  They shared a cheeseburger.  The last seating in the restaurant was 9:00 p.m. so they stopped taking names around 8:15.  So by 8:30 all the tables were seated.  And the way it worked out all of my tables were paying so by 8:40 and my station was empty.  Except for the two women.  And so I stopped by to make sure they were happy and they asked me what time we closed.  I explained that we’d just sat the last party but not to worry they had plenty of time to finish their drinks and have another if they wanted.

And I’m not sure what was said next.  But we began talking.  And turns out they are a couple.  (I sort of knew this but wasn’t sure).  And we chatted about New York.  About Pennsylvania.  About where I live in the city and how long it takes me to get to work.  About my Christmas plans and my family.  And eventually, as it always happens, I was asked why I was in New York.  And as I often do, I explained that I was a lighting designer and that I free lance and work at the restaurant along with the drummers, singers, dancers, actors, writers, directors, painters that are my co-workers.

And this became one of the most pleasant conversations that I’ve had in ages.  They had been together three years after being in very awful marriages.  One of them was a singer and the other was a drummer.  They’d both given up their dreams of being performers to be married and have families.  And several years ago discovered that it wasn’t working for them and realized that if they were going to enjoy life, they needed to make it what they wanted it to be, rather than just going along for the ride.

I learned all of this in about 20 minutes.  It seemed like there were about 10 million other things we chatted about.  Being gay in New York.  Being gay in a small town.  Life in Kentucky.  My family.  My friend Michelle and the drag shows.  How great it is to be a lesbian in Portland, Maine.  How the Womyn’s Music Festival in Michigan would change their lives.

I eventually had to go back to work.  So I dropped off their check and they gave me Christmas hugs.

And then like many people do, they handed me their contact information.  At least once a week I get the email address or phone number of someone telling me to come visit.  Last week it was a grad student from the University of Washington, Seattle.  A couple of weeks ago it was a boy from Venezuala.  (I might actually go visit him).  And tonight it was Barbra and Lynne.

But tonight I kept their number.  I actually put it in my wallet.

And I will email them.

They were wonderful people.  And as they hugged me goodbye again, I told them how thankful I was that they were my last table of the night.  That it gave me faith in humanity again to know there were nice, generous, loving people out there.

Merry Christmas.

May you find the same warm, generous, loving people in your day.


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. urspo December 25, 2008 / 16:43

    A very merry christmas to you
    May 2009 be full of better things and lots of diet coke.
    It looks like I am definitely coming to NYC this spring so I hope to meet you then!

  2. javabear December 25, 2008 / 18:57

    What a wonderful experience! I’m so glad you met these lovely ladies. It sounds like they had a great dining experience as well.

  3. Lemuel December 26, 2008 / 20:06

    Every body in Pennsylvania is warm a nd loving! *grin*

    (I hope you had more pleasant adventures on Christmas!)

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