Who knows???

It snowed today.

Which was nice.  And pretty.

Until the rain came and made it all slush.  Then it was just gross.

Work was kind of weird tonight.

First off, the business sucked.  We barely went on a wait at all and by 8:15 the restaurant was a ghost town.  On the Friday night before Christmas, we should have been on a three hour wait.  What scares me is how slow we are during the busy season.  I’m scared that come January we are all going to be making a five bucks a night.

At least the managers realized they needed to be aggressive with cutting the floor and by 9:00 had gotten rid of over half the wait staff.  Which was bad for them.  Good for me.  I ended up running a section with 35 seats.  And for the most part they were all full until about 12:30.

The thing that was weird tonight was how much money I made.  I sometimes wonder if the computer isn’t screwing up in my favor.  Of course I could just accept the fact that maybe I’m a good server and that’s why people leave me money.

Who’s to know.

Tonight I walked with 14.55 percent of my sales.  That’s an excellent night.  Especially when you consider that I tip out almost 2% of my sales.  What makes the night so interesting is that I know that I got awful tips on at least six tables.  I was outright stiffed on two, a couple left me ten percent and my favorite of the night was $8.00 on a $211.75 tab.  The very nice man rounded up to 220.00.  Signed his credit card slip and left.  So you can outright subtract about 300 dollars from my sales because I barely got tipped on them at all.  And so what becomes apparent is that I made more than 20% on enough tables to make up for the 300 bucks that I got nothing for.

Which goes back to the question of whether the computer has a glitch in my favor.  I keep expecting to go into work one night and be told that I owe the restaurant tons of money because of a computer malfunction.

Or maybe I’m just a good waiter.

Who knows.


3 thoughts on “Who knows???

  1. Lemuel December 20, 2008 / 07:10

    I’m going with the last explanation, because it sounds the most reasonable and appears to be quite verifiable. 😉

    I know that Target is not a restaurant, but we were in one yesterday during the storm here. As I passed by one worker I could hear over his pager the boss stating that he could see six idle cashiers. When we went to check out a few minutes later, there were cashiers standing at the entrance to their lanes looking for customers. I joked with one whether they wanted to fight over us.

  2. Ultra Dave December 20, 2008 / 08:18

    I think it’s because your a good waiter. Your writing shows heart and I strongly suspect that carries over into your work as well.

  3. Kelly Stern December 20, 2008 / 11:36

    I am sure it is because you are a good waiter…

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