A Baker’s Dozen or 12.

It’s 5:00 a.m.  I just got off the phone with my friend Tom.  We talked for more than two hours.  About life, theatre, art, our lives, etc.  We both were drinking Bulleit Bourbon and wishing that we weren’t drinking on opposite sides of the country.  I always like talking to Tom, I just don’t do it very often.  Mostly because we always talk for hours and I usually I don’t have that kind of time to give him.

Tonight while we talked I baked cookies.  A lot of cookies.  I made about 12 dozen cookies tonight.  M&M cookies.  And cupcake cookies.  Oh, and  jam cake.  I almost forgot about the cake.  The cookies are all okay.  The first batch of M&M cookies I used baking soda rather than baking powder.  They taste the way they should so I guess it’s okay.  The cupcake cookies turned out perfectly.  The jam cake was another story.  Who knows how the cake tastes.  I won’t know until we cut into on Sunday.  The icing was the problem.  It was homemade caramel icing and I couldn’t get it to stick to the cake.  The whole thing ended up looking like a bloody mess.  Hopefully the taste will overide the look.

The reason I’m doing so much baking is that my roommate and I are having a Christmas Open House on Sunday.  A little shindig from 2 till 8.  A ton of food and lots of friends and with any luck a lot of fun.  So there is to be much baking this week.  Which is also why someone threw up Christmas in my apartment last week.  There is also much decorating to do.  We finally put the decorations on the tree today.  And I put greenery all around.  And lights.  And lights.  And lights.  At my last guessedmate there are about 35 strands of lights in our living room and kitchen.  My roommate has offered to pick up a generator so we can power it all.  I actually tested it all last week and today just to make sure there were no power issues.  It helps that I’m a lighting guy.  Of course if I weren’t a lighting guy we’d have two strands of colored lights that flash on and off to the music of Led Zeplin singing the Christmas music of yesterday and today.

I’m so glad I’m gay.

I’m not even sure the Zed Zeplin comment made sense.


7 thoughts on “A Baker’s Dozen or 12.

  1. Rick December 9, 2008 / 05:40

    I’m getting hungry thinking about your baked goodies. Yum!!!!

    I’m sure the lighting will be divine.

  2. Lemuel December 9, 2008 / 06:16

    Baking? decorating? lighting? party? gay? GO ON! *grin*

  3. Sarah December 9, 2008 / 07:01

    This post should have come with a nutritional content label. How many calories did my brain just consume?

    Should all straight hosts apologize for the lack of ambience when greeting gay guests or is it just understood and accepted that our parties will be subpar events?

  4. urspo December 9, 2008 / 08:11

    I am glad you are gay too.
    No straight man would have given me a recipe for spaghetti pie!

  5. Bill December 9, 2008 / 09:13

    I’ve been doing a lot of baking, too. I posted some recipes on Sunday.

    Do you have a stapler? You could try stapling the icing to the cake. If a stapler isn’t handy, those wee picture-hanging nails might do the trick.

  6. rebelyankee December 10, 2008 / 10:40

    Aren’t we all glad we’re gay? I mean, I know I am!

  7. javabear December 10, 2008 / 23:22

    Gay is Fabulous, darling. As we all know. And your apartment proves my point.

    @ Sarah- I suspect they all understand before we can make any apologies. The fabulous ones do, anyway.

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