Saturday Night at Work.

We were busy as fuck tonight at the restaurant.  At one point, as I was grabbing people from the lobby, I heard the host say that we were on a three hour wait.  Really.  Who waits three hours for dinner.  I wouln’t wait three hours for dinner with the pope.  I certainly wouldn’t wait three hours for hamburger in a chain restaurant.  But in my line of work, when there are people willing to wait, than there are people willing to put money in my pocket.

And so we were busy.  And for the most part it was an okay night.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before (my short term memory is g…what was I saying?) but I no longer count the money that is given to me throughout the night.  If someone is paying cash, I just take the money, add it to the money in my pocket, say thank you and go on.  This way, I don’t know if I’m having a bad night until my night is over.  And by then it doesn’t matter.  My night is over.

So I didn’t know tonight how my night was going.  Everyone was super nice.  And they all seemed thankful that I rescued them from the three hour line.  And no one was mean or rude or demanding.  And I had fun with most everyone.  And when it was all said and done I walked with about 14% of my sales.  In the big scheme of things this is actually not so bad. Especially when you consider that I tipped out 5% of my sales right off the top.  So I’m not complaining.  Would I have liked to have made more?  Of course.  But truth be told I had a great night.

I also won a bottle of bourbon tonight.  We’ve had a redneck convention at our restaurant all week.  I could explain but I won’t go into the details.  Let’s just say there’s been a plethera of men with big belt buckles, John Deere caps, and cowboy boots.  Which is all fine and dandy except they’ve picked their trip to NYC to go out to dinner for the first time.  I waited on a couple tonight and it had to be one of the only times they’ve ever eaten out.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  And I have no idea how they tipped because I just stuffed their money in my pocket and continued on.  They were nice so there you go.  Back to the bourbon.  So we’ve had this convention at work and someone, somewhere decided since there were a lot of southerner’s coming in that perhaps it would be a good idea to serve Coors Light (we normally).  And so someone, somewhere bought about a million cases of Coors Light and now that the convention is over, we need to get rid of it.  And so there was a little contest tonight to see who could sell the most Coors Light.  The winning person had to sell the most of anyone in the restaurant and they had to sell at least a case.  I sold almost three cases.  What can I say?  I’m good.  Of course it helped that I told everyone we were running a special with Coors Light.  We weren’t but no one really needed to know that.  So now I have bourbon.   I wonder if it’s too late early to start drinking?

I also had repeat customers tonight.  At our restaurant that never happens.  Around 6:45 as I was turning the corner to go to the bar, I saw this girl just looking at me and smiling.  So I said hello and she asked if I was Maddog.  I said yes, and then I saw her father and realized that I’d served them before.  So I shook his hand and welcomed him back and he explained that he was waiting to sit in my section and wanted to know if I had a table open.  I told him I’d do what I could.  I got a drink order from them and went back to my tables.  It just so happened that I was waiting on three ladies that were just finishing up.  I’d already dropped their check.  They paid a short time later and I grabbed my customers and told them to have a seat as soon as the women left, which was about five minutes later.  And so I took care of them and got them out in plenty of time for  Spamalot.  And as he paid the check, he handed me thirty bucks.  His tab was 65.00.  I thanked him profusely and told him the next time he was in, of course to look for me, and I’d be happy to kick someone out off one of my tables for him to have a seat.



Repeat.  Happy.   Generous Customers.

I’d say it was a good night.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Night at Work.

  1. Peter December 7, 2008 / 08:24

    It is all in a day’s work, one day you are sad and the next happy.

  2. sortedlives December 7, 2008 / 08:25

    Sounds like a great night to me!! Don’t you just love those kind of work days?

  3. Bill December 7, 2008 / 10:37

    I’m not surprised that folks would ask specifically for you. You are truly a professional.

  4. Lemuel December 7, 2008 / 15:12

    I’d agree that all in all you had a good night. Decent money and decent customers: life is good.

  5. Sarah December 7, 2008 / 17:27

    I’d kill for someone to hand me some cash and bourbon right now.

  6. urspo December 7, 2008 / 20:20

    I am glad to see simple things like kindness and generosity still make a difference.

  7. javabear December 8, 2008 / 02:46

    Feeling appreciated for what you do is probably the best tip of all. Well, except that it doesn’t help pay the rent.

    I’m glad you had a good night. Hope the next one is as good or better. 🙂

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