Hungover Thursday…

Would it really be so hard for WordPress to just keep the “write” tab?  Really?  It’s taken me 15 minutes to figure out how to write a post for today.  It’s not write.  It’s add a new post.  I don’t want to add a new post, I want to fucking write a new post.

I’m cranky.

I’ve been cranky all day.  And by all day I mean since I got up at 3:00 p.m.

I had a little bit too much red wine last night.  On an empty stomach.  Which caused my head to hurt like someone was stabbing me in the head with a pitchfork.  And made sleeping difficult.  And there’s the little issue with not setting the time on my alarm clock before I went to bed, since I’d turned the power off to it yesterday.  When I turned over and looked at the clock this afternoon it was much later than it should have been.

Which meant that I didn’t get any of the things done that I wanted to get done before I left for work.  Like talk to my mom.  Do some organizing of the Christmas decor.  Instead I jumped in the shower and ran to work.

And got there only to discover that there was a redneck convention being held.  Which made me not want to be there.  So I stopped by the manager’s office to put my name on the list of people wanting to give up their shifts for the evening.  My name was at the top of the list and there were two people picking up so it looked good.

And so I ate my Chicken Caesar salad with tomatoes and waited for pre-shift, so that I could go home.

And preshift starts.  And John who was on the give up list is told to go home.  And Sasha who is on the give up list is told to go home.  And I think it’s just my manager fucking with me again, so I say nothing.  And then he reads the lineup for the evening.  And he calls my name saying that I’m in station 12.   So I interrupt and ask why my shift isn’t covered.  And he jokingly tells me to stop being lazy and just work.  And he continues with the lineup for the evening.  And pre-shift is over and I ask again why I’m not going home.  And I’m told that I should have gotten there early enough to be first on the list.  And I reply, telling him that I was early enough.  And that when I put my name on the list I was the only one.  And he walks away saying that wasn’t the case.

So I follow him to the office and there is a room full of managers who heard me say that I wanted to be on the list.  And in unison they said that yes I was first on the list.  Seems no one gave the night manager that information, and the other people giving up came to him after he got there.  So my name wasn’t even on his list.


And so I had to work.  And I must say I should be grumpy at work more often.  I made great money tonight.  Of course I didn’t want to be there so I didn’t hustle like usual, but I still probably did better than anyone else working tonight did.

Now I have to get to sleep.  Our apartment is a mess.  It looks like someone threw up Christmas in the living room.  There are decorations up everywhere and there are boxes everywhere, and it’s hard to even walk.  My roommate says it looks like we just moved in.  I’ll try and make it better tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Hungover Thursday…

  1. Rick December 5, 2008 / 05:45

    “Threw up Christmas.” I like it.

  2. Sarah December 5, 2008 / 07:32

    Glad to know Christmas is somewhere this year. Even if it is an Upchuck Christmas.

  3. Lemuel December 5, 2008 / 07:34

    I guess you are going to have to stand over your manager and watch him write things down. Zheesh.

    I agree with Rick, too. Loved the description of “throwing up Christmas”!

  4. urspo December 5, 2008 / 23:30

    hugs and positive thoughts from me to you.

  5. javabear December 6, 2008 / 11:34

    Someone threw up Christmas, what an image.
    For some reason wine gives me a terrible headache. Armand would say it’s the tannins. I didn’t used to get wine headaches when I was in college. Hey, maybe when I go back to college I’ll no longer get wine headaches! What do you think?

    You have said before that you make good money when you’re grumpy. That is odd. I wonder why.

  6. BearToast Joe December 8, 2008 / 20:52

    Why didn’t they let YOU go? It’s because they know you are SO good. They want to let the jerks go first. A pain in the ass, I know. But it’s because they know you’ll get the job done!

    ‘Threw up Christmas’ – what a hoot.

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