Maddog Ramblings…

I was all prepared to post last night.  I had a million things to chat about.






I think I live in the only apartment in NYC heated with steam that is freezing cold.  It seems there is some money saving tactic in place that assumes that as long as the heat is on in the apartments from 7:00 to Midnight everyone will be happy.  I’m sitting in my bedroom right now shivering, because it’s so cold.  I want one of those apartments that you have to sleep with the window open because it’s so hot.

The rain in the bathroom has finally stopped.  Now we just need someone to come patch up the ceiling and make it all pretty again.

Is anyone else surprised that Thanksgiving is on Thursday.  Wasn’t Labor Day just last week.  And what happened to fall.  I was wearing shorts one day and then I leave for Iowa and when I get back it’s freezing.

With that being said it’s almost time to start decorating for Christmas.  We already have a plan as to when we are getting our tree.  We are also planning a little Christmas open house for some of our closest friends.  I’m actually looking forward to it right now.  When I have to spend three days baking cookies remind me that I’ve said that.  And if anyone has any fun EASY Christmas recipes send them my way.  Chuck and I are meeting over the next couple of days to plan our little event.  And I’m not at all sure what we should have besides lots and lots of wine.

I’m also thinking about cooking Christmas dinner.  If I can find some people who are going to be in the city with nowhere to go I’d like to do the real Christmas dinner with turkey and stuffing etc etc.  So far though everyone I’ve asked has plans so I’ll have to wait and see.  If this doesn’t pan out then I’ll do the same thing I did last year.   I spent the day eating Chinese delivery watching really cheesy Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.

Does anyone out there watch True Blood?  The season finale was tonight.  I haven’t seen it yet so don’t spoil anything but I’m completely hooked on this show.  Besides the fact that we get to see Ryan Kwanten mostly naked in every show.  That in itself is enough to make you tune in.  But the show really is great.  In case you don’t know Ryan:


And I should probably get to bed now.  I have a bunch of errands to run tomorrow and Lidia is coming to clean so I have to be up earlier than usual.

Have a great Monday.


6 thoughts on “Maddog Ramblings…

  1. Peter November 24, 2008 / 03:25

    Wouldn’t mind stepping into bed with that cute guy.

  2. Lemuel November 24, 2008 / 06:10

    I already know that Dec will be a blur.

  3. Sarah November 24, 2008 / 10:52

    I caught a bit of True Blood last week and I think I’m going to watch the whole series On Demand soon (now that ANTM and The Real Scary Housewives of NYC have wrapped up their seasons up here).

    There must be tons of people who won’t be able to get home this year for the Xmas. I’m sure you wil all find each other.

  4. Bill November 24, 2008 / 21:04

    I’m glad you are back home safely, but I missed reading about your theater adventures while you were in the thick of things.
    Next time, demand an Internet connection, even if you have to stay in a manger.

  5. urspo November 24, 2008 / 22:51

    sleep well
    and dream of waterfalls and ice cream

  6. javabear November 24, 2008 / 23:12

    “Is anyone else surprised that Thanksgiving is on Thursday.”
    No, honey, Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday. 😉

    Glad monsoon season in the bathroom is over. I hope “they” are quick to get it patched and pretty.

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