Sam — Chapter 3

I was beside myself that Sam had said he would come over again that night.  I walked around floating on air for the rest of the night.  It didn’t matter what people said, or whether they tipped or not.  I was happy.

I got home around midnight and Sam got there around 12:30.  We chatted for a bit and then moved things back to my bedroom.  Night number two was just as fun as the first night was.  We showered again (it was his fantasy not mine) and then cuddled in the bed.  We just chatted about nothing.  He was new to the whole gay thing and he spent a lot of time asking questions.  I was out of the closet and he was curious about a lot of things.  Did people care that I was gay when I told them?  How long had I been out of the closet?  How did you know when it was time to tell people?  Things like this.  Being older and wiser at 26 I answered the questions best I could.  Cue the song from The Sound of Music now.

We chatted until about 1:45 and then he told me he had to go.  I would have loved for him to stay longer but I understood.  It was late, I had to be at the theatre the next morning and he had to be at work.  We agreed to come over again the next night around the same time.  That way he could play with his friends and I would be home from work.

And so began the coming of Sam to visit nightly.  He would get to my house around 12:30 and stay till about 1:45.  After a couple of nights I asked him why he always left at the same time.  He grinned and shrugged and didn’t want to tell me.  I assured him that whatever the answer, it was fine.  And he explained that because he still lived at home he had a 2:00 a.m. curfew.  So if he wasn’t home by 2:00 a.m. his mother would give him grief.  As it was he was having trouble coming up with reasons to be out late every night.

After a couple of weeks of this I asked him to spend the night.  I said to him, “Just tell your mom your staying at Jenny’s or Christian’s house and then stay here.”  He wouldn’t do it though.  He was convinced that she would find out, so our schedule stayed the same.  On the nights I didn’t work he would often come over earlier.  On those nights we would set the alarm and then fall asleep in each others arms.  The alarm would go off at 1:45 a.m. and he would get up and leave.  I hated it, but I understood.

I don’t remember our first date.  I mean our first real date where we went out for Pizza, or a movie, or a milk shake down to the drive-in.  I sent Sam an email last night asking if he remembered.  If I get details I’ll share them with you.

After about three weeks of our nightly visits we decided to take things to the next level.  We were standing in my kitchen with it’s ultra modern 1990’s cabinets.  Actually Sam was sitting on the counter next to the fridge and I was standing between his legs.  We were chatting about things, and I asked him if I could ask him a question.  He said sure, but I could tell that he was nervous.  I took a deep breath and asked him if we could just see each other.  And if we could make our relationship monogamous.

He grinned and said yes.  We kissed and hugged and once again moved our visit to the bedroom

I cheated on him three days later.


6 thoughts on “Sam — Chapter 3

  1. Rick October 17, 2008 / 04:57

    You cheated on him! Oh…but do tell.

  2. Lemuel October 17, 2008 / 05:07

    cue the Manilow song “Mandy”?

  3. Peter October 17, 2008 / 05:48

    Promises, promises… when you asked to make your relationship monogamous did you cross your fingers behind your back?! 😉

  4. Mike October 17, 2008 / 05:55

    LOL @ Lemuel

  5. Sarah October 17, 2008 / 06:36

    What a fairy tale ending (so didn’t intend the pun but since it’s there…)

  6. javabear October 17, 2008 / 14:15

    you jerk!
    Why did you do that? I don’t understand why people cheat like that.

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