An Off Night

Work was okay tonight.  Sort of.  I was off my game, but I don’t know why.  I do have some ideas though.

First, I didn’t sleep well last night.  I’ve been trying to watch what I eat, and last night was a day off.  And I ended the evening by having ice cream.  And I don’t think my system was use to that much food.  So I had trouble falling asleep, had trouble staying asleep and the sleep I had wasn’t restful.  I barely woke up today.  The alarm went off from 11:30 till 2:15 before I finally pulled my ass out of bed.

And this is the second reason I think I was off my game.  Usually I get up have coffee and spend some time at home just relaxing, watching the news etc. before I head to work.  Today I got up, downed a Diet Coke and went straight to the shower.  Within 40 minutes of getting out of bed I was on my way to work.

And then the evening started okay.

But quickly I realized that there were going to be problems with the kitchen.  And not the usual problems.  Tonight the kitchen was too fast.  My food was flying out of the kitchen.  And you would think that this would not be a problem.  But when the rhythm of work is based on how long things are going to take, having things happen too fast upsets the rhythm.  I was barely able to get drinks on the table before the food was there.  Normally if you ring up a dinner salad with the entrees you have plenty of time to get the salad on the table before the food comes out.  Not so tonight.  I managed to drop off one salad about 30 seconds before the food hit the table.  Luckily it was a table that was more understanding than most.

And then the thing that fucked up my night for almost 45 minutes.  I rang in the order for a four top.  Two steaks and an order of chicken and ribs.  The bbq was being shared by the women.  From there I went to the bar to get drinks for a table and when I looked up the ribs and chicken were already on the table.  Of course it had only been about two minutes and the steaks were no where to be seen.  So I went to the kitchen to find out what was going on.  Luckily there was a manager there and I told him that I’d just rung in the food and that the steaks probably weren’t even brown on both sides yet and that the bbq was already on the table.  We never did figure out what happened but all in all it took about 15 minutes to get it all straightened out and to get the steaks on the table.  The table seemed to be very understanding.  Of course I was a bit more annoyed when the table told me that the bbq was only ribs and that it didn’t contain chicken.  So I had to go the manager about that as well.

When something like this happens, it pulls you off the floor.  And so for fifteen minutes or so I was dealing with this and was unable to attend to my other tables.  So when I finally got back on the floor I was behind.  People needed their checks, new drinks, ketchup, silverware.  I felt like I never quite got caught up.

And then there were the tips.  I personally think people could tell my night wasn’t going well.  I got stiffed on a $114.00 bill.  I got $10.00 on a $145.00 bill.  I was stiffed again on a $50.00 tab.  After that I stopped counting.  I just stuffed the money in my pocket and hoped for the best.  I ended up taking home more than I expected but it wasn’t as much as it should have been, and it was simply because of volume.  I sold about 600 hundred bucks more than anyone else tonight.  So when you have that much volume the people who tip extra help make up what other people don’t leave behind.

I also sold two pieces of “flair” tonight.  I won’t go in to details of what that means.  If you’ve seen the movie Office Space you know.  Some geeky guy wanted to buy a button I had and offered me twenty bucks.  I said what the fuck.  And at the end of the evening this woman wanted to know if she could have one.  I asked her what she was offering.  She told me she would give me a kiss.  I said that it wasn’t enough.  However, she was very fun and very sweet and finally I relented and gave her a button.  And she kissed me on the cheek.  And then when her “husband/boyfriend/date” paid the bill he left me 20 bucks on $45.00 and then she gave me an extra ten.  So that helped a lot.

And now my night is over.  And I’m going to bed.  I have to be up early enough to drink some coffee and watch some Pushing Daisies before I head to work.


5 thoughts on “An Off Night

  1. Peter October 4, 2008 / 04:17

    I can’t understand how you can do this, day in day out. You sparkle when most people sit worn out on their couches in the evening.

  2. Lemuel October 4, 2008 / 06:34

    Too bad the “husband/boyfriend/date” didn’t offer you a kiss?

  3. Rick October 4, 2008 / 07:20

    I hate when my salad and dinner come out to close too each other. I tell the server to bring it back; I’m not ready. They usually just throw it under the heat lamp. I understand it’s not always their fault but I’m tipping on the overall experience: I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

  4. javabear October 4, 2008 / 23:18

    I love the movie Office Space, and when I read “flair” I immediately saw Jennifer Aniston’s big grin, green striped shirt, and flair in my mind.

    Hope you got your fix of Pushing Daisies before work today.

  5. urspo October 5, 2008 / 02:45

    sleep well
    and dream of waterfalls and ice creams

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