A Day In The Life Of Maddog.


It’s been such a boring day.

I got up around 10:00.

I made coffee.

I watched some TV.

I talked to my mom.

I showered.

I grabbed a Diet Coke and went to the subway.

I rode the A train down to 14th street.

Got my new glasses readjusted so they fit my face better.

Bought some new underwear.

Bought a calendar.

Picked up my old glasses that I’d had prescription sunglass lenses put in.

Came home.

Watched True Blood.  (that’s another post in and of itself.  Hot men.  Vampires.  Hot sex.  What more could you want)

My bank went belly up.

I watched Project Run…

What the fuck.

My bank was taken over by the FDIC in the biggest bank failure in the history of the U.S.  I hope my roommate cashes the rent check soon because the money may not be there by Monday.  I don’t usually talk politics on here because I’m usually talking about me, which is a much more fun topic to discuss.  As they say in the south, “Enough about me, let’s talk about my dress.”

But really?  How much more fucked up can things get.  The entire financial market is ruins.  The Republican’s are more interested in winning the presidential election than actually trying to save the economy.  I don’t know how to break it to them, but if we are all living in cardboard boxes down on the piers, ain’t no way anybody’s voting for them.  Do we really want to shell out 700,000,000,000 (my calculator won’t even go that high) to the people who’ve spent all their own money and not want some sort of regulatory guidelines in place.  Really?  If the companies knew how to manage money we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.  And do we really want to bail out companies whose executives make trillions of dollars a year but not give a break to the little people who are losing their homes.  I know, I know, they shouldn’t have borrowed the money if the first place if they couldn’t afford to pay it back.  But “The Man” shouldn’t have loaned the money if they knew the people they were loaning it to in the first place couldn’t pay it back.  There’s a reason I don’t loan my relatives money.  I give, they take.  I never see it again.  They should know better.  They are paid to know better.  And that’s just the economy.

Sarah Palin?




The homeless man I pass on the way to work everyday would make a better vice president than she would.  At least he understands the economy and how it effects the little people.

My roommate pointed out that the verdict is still out on whether she’s stupid or ignorant.

And I’m at a loss of words

You live next to Russia and you have foreign policy experience.  I’ve been to Europe five times and I lived 30 minutes from Mexico and I live in a Dominican neighborhood and I see more foriegn people in ten minutes on the subway than Ms. Palin has seen in her whole life.  So clearly I must have enough foriegn policy experience experience to be VP.  And don’t forget I was employee of the month in January.  That should count for something.  And I have only attended four universities (she attended five) but I have two more degrees than she does so I’m definitely better educated.  I am gay so that might be a problem but I was also baptized Southern Baptist and went to a Southern Baptist college so that might offset the gay thing.    I’ve never had a news conference, but wait, neither has she.  I wasn’t president of the PTA but I was the social secretary of my fraternity and president of the drama club so together I think that compares.   I’ve never been a governor but from what I’ve seen on the news and in the four questions she actually took from reporters today, that might be an asset.  Besides I met the governor of Kentucky before and that’s the same as being governor.  Fuck, I met Jimmy Carter in 1983 so I’ve damn near be president all ready.

All kidding aside.


There are people who think she’s a good choice.  I can understand people who support McCain.  I don’t agree with them, but I can at least understand it.

But Sarah Palin?


She might be a MILF but I don’t think she should fuck the country.  And from what the National Enquirer has to say she hasn’t been exactly faithful to her husband either.

And we haven’t even discussed every other fucked up thing that’s going on right now.

Now that my head hurts and I’m out of wind I think I’ll go to bed.

God Help Us.

If there are any doubts about Sarah Palin watch this:




4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Maddog.

  1. Mike G September 26, 2008 / 01:54

    Sarah Palin has been a governor for two years which is two years more executive experience than Obama or his vp have. Um yes. Everyone loves going on about how “stupid” and “ignorant” she is when this woman has done more in her life than most of her haters. She is a powerful, successful, hard working woman and she’ll make a great vp.

    For god sakes it’s not like they actually do anything. Did Al Gore do anything? Dick Cheney? Dan Quail? George Bush the first?

    Anyone can be made to look bad in a video clip. I’m sure there are embarassing videos of Obama somewhere, maybe from when he was getting high on coke and marijuana in his high school years.

  2. Lemuel September 26, 2008 / 05:13

    What’s Mike G smokin’?

    Maddog, seriously, you have a better grip on what is going on than the idiots in DC.

  3. Cincy Diva September 26, 2008 / 06:29

    Hey Google Map Alaska and Russia. There is not a major city to be found in that part of Russia…at all. The most Alaska is looking at is Fishing villages and reindeer farmers.
    I am not saying there’s not military there somewhere. I am just saying….it’s pretty barren.
    Since Mike G is such a fan….How does he explain her taking a per diem every time she worked from her home instead of her office.
    That means MadDog can take a perdiem every time he broongs his room mate a PB & J Sandwich!

  4. javabear September 27, 2008 / 14:32

    I love the list of your qualifications to be the VP candidate.

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