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I had to be up early today.  I had to be at work at 9:00 a.m. to attend a training seminar.  I’ve been asked by the training manager to become a certified trainer.  I was already certifiable but I guess now I’m certified.

So I got to work at 9:00 a.m. this morning to sit through five + hours of information on how people learn.  I could have written the information and probably done a better job at it.  Things like people learn better by doing than by being told.  Start out with simple instructions on little tasks building to more complicated tasks.  Do not try to cover to much information at once.  Blah, blah, blah.  Nothing I haven’t heard before.  I was probably teaching before some of the other members of the seminar were even born.  Scary huh?

So I sat there like a good boy and answered the questions and behaved myself for the most part.  And when it was all over I was presented with a certificate, a hat and a pin that says I’m ready to teach the new slackers how to be even better at slacking.  I think I’ll put the souvenirs with the other training stuff that I still have from the last time I worked there.  I have worked for this company three times and each time I’ve been a trainer.  You would think they’d learn sooner or later.

The big question I had for the manager leading the seminar and the GM was how the hell am I supposed to train if I’m working in cocktails.  The pace is too busy, too intense and I’d lose all but the very best in about 10 minutes.  So it was briefly explained to me (I still don’t have all the details) that I’m going to be teaching people how to work the cocktail section.  Which I’m fine with.  It’s a beast in and of itself and no one really takes the time to teach new people the ins and outs of how it works.  You get thrown to the wolves and everyone hopes for the best.  A couple of weeks ago a server screamed at the host not to put anymore people in her section and then went and cried in the corner.  I think it will be a while before she’s scheduled in cocktails again.

My big fear with all of this is that I’m going to train myself out of a job.  Right now I’m the only person who works just cocktails.  And without tooting my own horn it’s because I work my ass off, sell more and make more money than anyone else.  I also very rarely have trouble with my tables, very few complaints, not to many problems with the kitchen and I think most of the management staff likes me.  So as long as I don’t end up losing my status I’ll train my butt off to their hearts delight.

I’ll keep you posted.

And I’ll end by saying.  Guess what I found out last week.

Guess who was employee of the month in January?  No not the girl who was crying in the corner.  ME!!!!  You would think that someone would have taken the time to tell me this.  You also would think that someone would have taken the time to give me the stuff I was supposed to get.  Like a couple of gift cards.  And a Metro Card to use for the month.  That alone is worth 81 bucks.  But alas I guess everyone was too busy.  It’s only the second time in my life I’ve been employee of the month.  The last time I was fired about six weeks later.  Perhaps it’s better that I didn’t know.


5 thoughts on “Work News

  1. Peter September 19, 2008 / 04:08

    You should get all the benefits plus interest. You make them a ton of money and something back in return would be great.

  2. Lemuel September 19, 2008 / 05:19

    I am convinced that the only way any of us can deal with life is if we become certifiable!

    I hope your being EotM or trainer does not portend anything less that good things for you. I think in the last decade we’ve all become nervouse when someone tells us “Heck of a job, Brownie!”.

    As for “training sessions”, I hear you! Can we say “boring” and “worthless” for the most part? I’m glad you were a good boy – especially considering that you had to get up so early (for you).

  3. Rick September 19, 2008 / 05:43

    January? It’s September. Good Lord can’t they at least find time to tell you sooner.

  4. American Girl September 19, 2008 / 08:26

    You can train someone to work your station but keep your eyes open for the Eve Harrington types.

  5. urspo September 19, 2008 / 23:20

    you are my employee of the month most every month

    I could not sit still anymore for even 2 hours of training/schooling.
    Not without ritalin.

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