Driven By Money…

I took the night off.  I wasn’t supposed to be off.  In fact I should have worked.  But there were a ton of people who showed up to pick up shifts tonight.  All my bills are paid.  Well the money is in a drawer in my bedroom.  On Tuesday I’ll deposit it into my checking account and I’ll write my roommate a check and I’ll pay my insurance.  And financially this month will come to a close.  I even managed to get some money into savings this month so it’s actually been okay.  The catch with the people who showed up to work tonight is that they all still need to make money to pay rent.  So I took the night off to help them out.  At least that’s what I told myself.

Of course it would have been better if I had worked all the shifts I was scheduled.  I know I should.  I need the money.  I want to be out of debt.  I want to build up my savings.  But my job is so taxing, both physically and emotionally and it’s nice to not go to work sometimes.  Or go to work and then decide to go home.  I average about 16 days of work a month.  Which means I get about 14 days a month off.  I look at that and think I must be the laziest fuck in the world.  But then I look at how many hours I work.  Four days is equal to about 35 hours.  And I look at the money I make.  Unless it’s really slow, it’s more than an enough to live on.

Which is the problem.  I tend to live hand to mouth.  I pay all of my expenses each month on time.  The last time I didn’t pay a bill was because I simply overlooked it and that hasn’t happened in a while.  Unfortunately I’m not driven by money.  I wish that I were.  If that were the case and I just added two more shifts a month to my schedule I’d be able to put more money into my savings account and actually be able to take a real vacation in the spring, pay back everyone I owe money to faster, get out of debt, and build up some savings so that the next time I break a bone I won’t be so fucked.

Just two extra shifts a month.  That’s my goal for the month of September.  I want to work 18 shifts.  I have four this week.  And I’ll have three the following week, so I have to pick up some shifts along the way.  But I figure if I say it out loud I’ll be three times more likely to actually do this.

So there I’ve made a committment.  Not every month.  Just this month.  18 shifts.


6 thoughts on “Driven By Money…

  1. Peter September 1, 2008 / 03:56

    Setting a goal is one thing, keeping it a whole other matter.
    Wasn’t September the worst month of the season for waiting staff?

  2. Rick September 1, 2008 / 05:10

    My goal is to go to the gym this week. It hasn’t happened.

  3. Lemuel September 1, 2008 / 06:35

    Somehow – mostly because of a living embodiment of Ebenezer Scrooge with whom I work – I celebrate your “not driven by money” approach. For far too many of us money is a god that enslaves us, not a tool that we use to live.

  4. urspo September 1, 2008 / 16:34

    I think that is sensible; weighing how much you can physically and mentally do in a time. There is no point in wearing yourself off.

    I remember an “Interview with God’ where God wonders why people make themselves sick to get enough money only to use the money to pay for their sickness.

  5. "Joe" September 1, 2008 / 17:59

    If only my creditors weren’t so driven by money! I just want to pay my bills.

  6. javabear September 2, 2008 / 18:06

    Adding 2 shifts this month sounds like a good plan. I hope you make it.

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