Sunrise. Sunset.

I have a small vacation planned for September. The second weekend a good friend of mine in Maine is having a commitment ceremony. She’s been together with her girlfriend for almost ten years. Whenever I am there we pretend that we are boyfriends. She’s a little on the butch side. In fact when I got the email to “save the date” I sent back a response saying that I was pissed as hell that she had been seeing someone else on the side, a woman no less, and they were now getting married. How dare she cheat on me. She and her girlfriend thought it was a hoot. So I’m flying up on Thursday and will be back on Monday. I feel a little guilty because I need to make money, but what can you do?

I did find a some fun little wedding gifts for them.

There is a store in NYC called Fishs Eddy. To my knowledge there is only one location and that’s on Broadway around 18th street. Basically they sell dishware. All sorts of dishware. And it’s all arranged so that it looks like you’ve come into an antique store. It’s all things dish ware. They have fun stuff and then they also have nicer everyday waress. I don’t stop in often because everytime I do I buy something. It’s hard not to. The last time I was there I bought cobalt blue champagne flutes. The time before that was bud vases. So I stopped in about a week ago and found the following items.

The picture below is a mug with two girls getting married. They are saying “We do”

Below is a bowl from the “Dirty Dish” collection. They are being discontinued so I was able to pick up two place settings cheap.

And I think these are my favorites. They are pole dancing girls…on glassware.

Needless to say they both have very good sense of humors. So I think they’ll like them. I was able to have everything shipped to my friend Michelle’s house so it’s already there and waiting.

So I am looking forward to going, although I do worry about missing work for five days. But what can you do. As I say, it’s only money. There’s lots more where that came from. I find that when I don’t worry about it so much I do much better. For the last three weeks I balance my checkbook daily and do a tally of the amount that I still have to make for the month to start getting caught up. I’d actually be setting pretty if I hadn’t given up the four shifts I given up this month. It’s just hard to maintain that five day a week nine to ten hour days for too long. As of right now I’m only a couple of hundred dollars short for the month and that shouldn’t be too hard to make. Of course as soon as I make that I’ll have to start worrying about next month’s bills.

I realize that I’ve started whining when I all I set out to do was tell you about the wedding. So I’ll stop here. Have a great week everyone.

And as a wedding present to everyone, stop by and thank them for beginning to sell same sex wedding cards.  I’m sure they’d like to know they are making the right decision and that the backlash will not be nearly as great as the support.


3 thoughts on “Sunrise. Sunset.

  1. Rick August 26, 2008 / 05:32

    Maine! I’ll be there in September too. What part you going to? I’ll be there the first week though. But Massachusetts ain’t that far perhaps we could meet up. : )

  2. javabear August 27, 2008 / 00:36

    The commitment ceremony sounds like fun. Well, the gals sound like fun, anyway, so I guess the ceremony will be good. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about money.

    I love the dishes! I think I’ve seen those pole dancing girl glasses somewhere before. They look very Playboy.

  3. Bill August 27, 2008 / 21:00

    Great gift finds!

    I love Maine. Have fun!

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