Seasons of Love…

Sorry about the lack of posts this week.

I’ll give the quick explanation of why.

First my friend Curtis was in town and we spent time talking and when he’s around it’s hard to get the privacy to write.

And then on Monday I slept all day. Till 3:00 p.m. And then I worked on the apartment. Last week I completely changed the configuration of the furniture in the living room/dining room. I opened up the space and I think when it’s all said and done Chuck and I will like the new look better. To do this though I had to get rid of about 300 books, which I’m okay with. If I haven’t read the book in the last 10 years I’m probably not going to read it now. I also had to figure out where the stuff like photos etc were going to live. I got a lot of this done over the weekend but it was still a wreck on Monday. In fact Lidia the cleaning lady came on Monday morning and I was afraid that she would run screaming from the house. But she managed to clean around the mess. As of right now everything has a home although there is still a pile of stuff in the living room that just needs to be taken downstairs for the neighbors to sort through.

On Monday night I met up with some people from work and had drinks. One of my favorite people from work who quit while I was on my break was at the bar and I spent most of the night talking to her. It was great to catch up…and it was really nice when her boyfriend showed up. He’s beautiful and I joke with him about how I’d be a much better catch than she is.

And then last night I had a date. Well sort of. My very favorite person at work is Suzy. She’s 24 and I think has a wonderful heart, and is a great person and I just love her. When I met her, her hair was blue so I quickly nicknamed her Smurfette. It stuck. Now everyone calls her that, even though her hair is no longer blue. She’s been to dinner at my house at least twice and on her first visit she shared the story of how she went to jail for cocaine possession during her younger years. She’s not proud of this but I love that she’s not ashamed of it either. She made a stupid mistake, got caught and faced her punishment.

So I was scheduled off on Tuesday and I wanted to do something social. At first I approached Suzy to see if she would like to have lunch with me. I really wanted to find a little sidewalk cafe and eat a nice meal and drink wine and watch the people go by. Suzy said that would be great but I should come to Brooklyn to do it so I could see her new apartment. Then we could go to Park Slope which has lots of little restaurants.

And this was the plan until I saw an a story on TV about the musical Rent closing. I’ve seen the show many times. On tour and in New York. I love the story and the music although I think the movie sucked. When the show moved to Off- Broadway, the concern of Jonathon Larson the composer was that the people the show was about wouldn’t be able to afford to see the show. So the 20 dollar ticket lottery was born. At 5:30 the box office starts taking names on index cards. And then at 6:00 they put all the names into a bucket and then pull out names for people to buy 20 dollar tickets. The catch with the tickets is that they are for the first two rows of the theatre. So you get front row tickets for 20 bucks. I’ve done the lottery a number of times. I’ve won the tickets a couple of times and I haven’t gotten tickets many times.

So I suggested to Suzy that perhaps we should try and get tickets. You’d have thought that I’d just offered the chance of a lifetime. She was beyond excited. Turns out that she’s never seen a Broadway play. In fact she couldn’t tell me the last time she saw a real play. She’d also heard a lot about Rent and thought she would really like it. So we agreed to try and win tickets and see what happened.

She met me at Jimmy’s Corner Bar at 4:30. Jimmy’s is my new favorite bar. It’s a DIVE but a double bourbon and coke is only 8.00. At my restaurant it’s 8.50 for a regular bourbon and coke. So it’s cheap, the atmosphere is fun and everyone that works there is really nice. So Suzy met me there and we had a couple of drinks while we waited to go put our name into the lottery. At 5:45 we headed to the theatre. As we made our way down the block it was insane. There was a line half way down the block of people just waiting to put their names on a card. In all there was about 200 people. Normally it’s about 75 and most of those people get tickets. So we put our name in the bucket and waited. I told Suzy that it was not likely that we would get tickets and she told me that if we didn’t win she’d still like to go to the show and we’d just buy a pair of seats. And I said okay.

And so the drawing started. It involves a man yelling out the rules. If your name is called…wave or yell so that he knows that you are there. Then move to the lobby to wait to purchase the ticket. Only one person from the party should move to the line. If your name is found in the bucket more than once you will be disqualified. And then they start drawing names. The first couple of names draw applause. You’d think you were winning something huge by the way the people are behaving. And well long story short about 2/3 through the names they call my name. YIPPEE!!! Suzy was jumping up and down. So I got in line and about 20 minutes later we had two front row tickets for Rent.

At this point we had about 90 minutes to kill so we went up the street to a pub and had a couple of more drinks and some munchies to get us through the show.

And then we headed to the theatre. I have to admit that I loved being with someone that had never seen a Broadway show. I take theatre for granted and I never think that there are tons of people out there who just don’t go see shows. I wanted the experience to be perfect for her. So I made sure she had the tickets to keep. I got her a program. At intermission I even bought her the souvenir program.

And she loved every minute of the show. At intermission she thought the show was over. I told her the best parts were yet to come. And then Act 2 started and with in a couple of minutes she was crying. She cried at least two or three more times before the show was over. And she clapped the loudest at curtain call. And when it was all said and done I think I have a convert. She’s already talking about what show we should see next. And we even discussed going back next Monday to do the lottery again. You can’t beat 20 dollar tickets for a Broadway show.

After the show we headed to Carmine’s for dinner. It’s this great Italian restaurant in Times Square that’s a little bit touristy but has great food. The portions are huge. We had one appetizer and one entree and there was still about three meals that were packed up for us to take home. About half way through dinner Suzy looked at me and said, it’s a shame you aren’t straight cause I would so be your girlfriend.

And it really was a date. It’s the closest thing I’ve come to something romantic in a long time. I had a great time. I spent more money than I should have, but that just means I’ll work and extra shift this week and it will all work out fine. How often do you get to make someone feel special.

And that my friends was my weekend.


7 thoughts on “Seasons of Love…

  1. Mike August 21, 2008 / 05:12

    I would have killed to have been there with you. Especially if Sorted were my prey. 😉

  2. Rick August 21, 2008 / 05:22

    I’m embarrassed to say…I’ve never seen Rent either. And for 20 bucks to have front row seats I would have loved it!!!

  3. Lemuel August 21, 2008 / 07:36

    I could *so* relate to this post and to Suzy! I’ve only seen one Broadway play (Cats) and did so during a trip to Manhattan years ago for a software users group convention. (I had evenings free.) I got tickets from the “Two-fer” place. I loved it.

    I’ve seen the movie version of Rent and I liked it – perhaps because I have never seen the play. I’ve heard your evaluation from others as well.

    As for Suzy being your girlfriend. Tell her that she will just have to take her chances in the lottery, ’cause my name’s in the hat, too. 😉

  4. Sarah August 21, 2008 / 08:14

    Aw, Suzy has a gay guy crush (mid-twenties – that’s about the right time for that). Oh well, who can blame her?

    We’re planning a trip to NYC next spring. We have plans for seeing a show so I’ll want to know all the tips for getting good and possibly cheap seats.

  5. urspo August 22, 2008 / 00:25

    that was lovely; thank you for sharing it.

  6. "Joe" August 22, 2008 / 08:13

    You are such a sweetheart! Take me, take me!

  7. javabear August 23, 2008 / 00:33

    That sounds like a near perfect day. Glad it was such a great time for both you and Suzy.

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