A Quick Update

A quick update about why there are so many videos on my blog today.  When I tried to insert the vides YouTube was having issues and wouldn’t post them.  I tried to do this more than a week ago and now suddenly they are all there in the same day at the same time.  So although yes I was probably tired when I posted them, I wasn’t drunk.


5 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Peter August 16, 2008 / 16:05

    I’ve taken my words back, sorry hon.

  2. Rick August 17, 2008 / 07:40

    You mean you’re going to put me through that cheap-tipper again! : )

    Have a good one sweetie.

  3. javabear August 17, 2008 / 14:45

    Well, I’m a little drunk as I’m reading this, so that makes up for everything, right?

  4. Urspo August 17, 2008 / 15:36

    i had the same problem – I fear my 3 attempts to post “Cup of Brown Joy’ will all suddenly appear this week.

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