Get Back To Work!!!!

I’m at a loss for what to write about tonight.

I didn’t post last night because my friend Tom and I launched our theatre blog and we were discussing that till almost 5:00 a.m.

I’m worried about being too whiney about my restaurant job.

I’m tired.

My ankle hurt tonight for the first time in almost a week.

And it’s 4:22 a.m. and I would have liked to have been asleep four hours ago.

And I’m a little bothered that I haven’t been stopping by the people I like’s blogs recently because my schedule is so insane. I get to bed around 4:30 or 5:00. I get up around noon. By the time I really wake up it’s time to shower and get to work. I get there at 4:00 and tonight I didn’t leave until almost 2:45. So it’s hard to find time to do anything other than sleep.

As far as bitching about my job. I had a great night. I only got two really crappy tips tonight. One was 7 bucks on 100. And the other 13 on 150. The latter was from a group of people that I knew wouldn’t tip. In my time at this job their is only one group of people that has yet to surprise me where tipping is concerned. The minute they are put in my station I know that it’s going to be worth around 10% or less. And they always prove me right. And yet you’d be hard pressed to say they don’t get the same service that everyone else gets. They just reward you differently. The thing that sucked about tonights group was that they were out celebrating the new job that one of them had landed at a high profile financial organization. Of course I don’t think she’ll last long if she can’t tell the difference between 10% and 20%. But that’s just my opinion.

I also got to be a little bitchy at one of my co-workers tonight. It was around 1:45. The restaurant had been closed for 30 minutes but I still had tables and not all of them had paid. I don’t like to disappear at the end of the night for too long because it’s the most likely time for walk outs. And as it happened tonight there were two very nice girls from Tennessee named Michelle and Melissa. We were chatting about the restaurant business (one of them is a waiter in Tennessee) and the difference between fine dining and slinging hash. And we chatted, while I was waiting for everyone else to pay out. And then up comes The Prick, called so because there is NO ONE that works with this guy that likes him. And most nights he’s one of the people who makes sure that you do all of your work. And it’s a complete power trip with him. So I’m standing at my counter talking to Melissa and Michelle when The Prick walks up and says, “You must be Leslie tonight?”

I had no idea what he was talking about. And I said as much.

And then he said, “Well it’s clear that you are going to be the last one out tonight.”

And then he walked away. And I looked at Michelle and Melissa and said, “He’s a prick!” They laughed and they actually commented on the passive agressive way he was telling me to get to work. So I stood there and chatted until “I” felt like it was time to go to work and then I said my good-byes and off I went. And about 45 minutes later, while “The Prick” was checking me out, along with the manager, “That he was NEVER EVER to tell me to get to work when I’m talking to a guest. NEVER EVER!!!!”

He played it off as though he’d been joking but I believe that like I believe that I won the lottery tonight. And that’s not possible because I didn’t play the lottery tonight.

And yes I did take longer to get out than normal. But I also had a great night, made more money than everyone else, kept all my guests happy, including the one who had salsa poured down her back, and the one who’s order I completely fucked up. By the time they left they were both laughing and joking.

And that’s why I’m good at my job. I offer a fun experience with an attitude of caring…even though sometimes I don’t…


9 thoughts on “Get Back To Work!!!!

  1. Peter August 9, 2008 / 04:06

    Just take a rest, you don’t need to write a blog entry every day. It’s something nice to look forward too but it is not a must.

    I’ve given myself a few days off, but the posts that appear were written in advance…

  2. Lemuel August 9, 2008 / 05:40

    Good for you for not letting the Prick totally get to you and for staying focused on the customers.

  3. Bill August 9, 2008 / 05:42

    I was out to dinner after a meeting a few weeks ago with four people I don’t know that well. One guy was bitching about tipping and poor service.
    I said “Have you ever been a server? I haven’t either, but I know that they don’t earn a living wage from the restaurant paycheck. In most places, they also divide whatever you leave for a tip with other employees, like the busboy and barkeeper. A pitiful tip can actually cost them money. In a lot of European countries, the servers are paid a salary. Here they depend on us. So either tip well, or expect to pay higher menu prices like people do in Europe.”

    Cheap bastard.

  4. urspo August 9, 2008 / 09:12

    thank you for all you news and updates.
    it is always interesting to hear about the news at work.

  5. Kelly Stern August 9, 2008 / 09:24

    I don’t mind the work stories. They are rather cool. reminds me of my days of bartending and waiting tables and how different people can be. I loved waiting tables and talking with people. If I could own and run my own restaurant I would. Has been a dream of mine. I would work the front of the house meeting, greeting and taking care of guest worries. I did that for a few months in DC and loved it. and people loved me. Yes, you have an occassional prick, but for the most part, meeting people from around the world (or just around the neighborhood) was always fun. When I win the lottery and open my own place, will you come work for me. I will pay well and let you create your own schedule and also manage the place in some aspect… oh, and I pay well. Smooches!

  6. Rick August 10, 2008 / 09:57

    Salsa down someone’s back. Not that sounds like an interesting entry.

  7. Rick August 10, 2008 / 09:57

    I meant “Now” not “Not” Oy…

    I’m a little under-coffee’d this morning.

  8. Cincy Diva August 10, 2008 / 13:03

    That was the one thing I loved about the service industry when I was in it. I loved making people happy.
    GC is now back to driving a cab and he could tell you some horror stories about tips! He had one this weekend who had done a month’s worth of grocery shopping. She had him carry all the groceries into her house while her husband watched TV, and then gave him a 39 cent tip on a 15 dollar fare.
    I hope you have a great week!

  9. javabear August 15, 2008 / 22:49

    Oh, Maddog, I’ve been so busy! I’ve missed you, and it’s me who’s been away. I’m horrifically sleep deprived right now and am not going to read any more of your entries tonight. Hopefully I’ll be back in the next day or two to catch up. I have been thinking of you some recently, even though I haven’t been by to read up on your adventures. Hope you are well.

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