Dr. McDreamy.

I’m beat.  I’m way too old and way too out of shape to being running around like a madman all night to make a few dollars.  My whole body is aching, and I my left foot feels like it’s going to explode.

It’s been a very busy day for me.

I had an appointment with the orthopaedist this morning to find out what the fuck was going on with my foot.  Last Friday just as I was leaving my apartment I started having shooting pains in my ankle.  After a few hours of this, it settled into my foot.  And now my foot aches.  And throbs.  And drives me crazy.  So last week I called and scheduled an appointment so that I could find out how my ankle was healing and what was causing the pain.

First, the ankle is healing perfectly.  There are still remnants of the break in the x-ray, which the doctor wants to continue to monitor.  So I have to go back in a month.  And onto the pain.  Seems I have tendonitis.  The doctor explained it to me and I was sort of asleep, but what I remember is this.  Seems the tendons and nerves that lead down to the foot, run right by where I broke my ankle.  In fact in some sort of groove along there.  The break has caused the nerves and the tendons to become irritated.  This isn’t helped any by the amount of walking I’ve been doing in NYC or the waiting tables.  Simply because I change my walk to help alleviate the pain and that only makes the situation worse.  So as of today I’m on prescription strength Motrin which is just a lot of over the counter medicine in one pill, but because it’s prescription base it only costs me my copay where as if I had to buy the over the counter stuff, it would cost me a small function.  So I’m supposed to pop these pills every eight hours and ice my foot when I can, stay off of it as much as possible and keep it elevated when possible.  The tough part is that I wait tables and it’s hard to elevate, ice, stay off of at all.  My doctor knows this and she’s fine with me working.  I just have to take care of it and it should heal as the ankle continues to get stronger.

After the ortho doctor, it was time for the real doctor.  I haven’t had a check up, physical or any tests done in years.  I haven’t insurance for the past three years.  And the insurance I had during grad school was more about, fixing the sore throat, etc. than getting real work done.  So I scheduled the appointment today and I got a physical.  The doctor I went to was recommended by my friend Lee.  And so I entered the office, signed in and took a seat.  Across the room was a poster advertising a gay man’s guide to health book.  And there was  picture of a beautiful man.  And, wow my doctor is HOT!!!!

The second picture was the cover of the local gay magazine.  I haven’t decided yet whether I like that he’s so cute of if it bothers me.  Of course, if someone’s going to stick their finger up your butt, might as well be someone who looks like this.  In the past few months he’s published a book that’s basically a gay man’s guide to health etc.  This is why I was able to find so many photos of him.  I had no idea that he looked like this, or that there were hot pictures of him on the internet.  But I really don’t think I mind.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way.  I did the whole check up today.  I poked and prodded, and listened to, etc.  It started with the vitals, followed by an EKG (which looked great) and then the doctor came in.  And he went through the whole thing.  I was asked about a million questions, which is why I like having a gay doctor.  They know all the questions to ask, without me having to lead the way.  I was asked about drug use, alcohol use, cigarette use, sex, etc.  Of course I’m sure I’d have been asked a lot of these questions by any doctor but I didn’t really seem to mind coming from him.

The one thing I’ve never had happen before was that at the end of the appointment we were chatting and he asked me, “What I wanted out of the relationship.”  (What I wanted to say was close the door and let me show you.  (Actually I didn’t think that at all, but a friend from work said that’s what I should have said)).  He told me that if all I wanted was someone to come visit when I was sick that’s fine.  But if I wanted a doctor who was vested in my good health and well being he’d be happy to be that doctor.  This kind of opened the door to talk about some things we hadn’t touched on yet.  The big one being my weight.  I filled him in on what happened that is my excuse for getting fat, and we talked about what I could do about it.  We are going to continue the conversation.

He’s actually quite funny as well.  He got a call from his boyfriend while we were talking and he answered it.  Which would have pissed me off, until I heard the tone of the call.  Seems the doctor is in a little bit of hot water with the BF.  All he said, was I need to call you back, I’m with a patient.  And it was all there to see.  So when he hung up, I said that was your boyfriend wasn’t it.  And he said yes.  And I said, so why’s he pissed at  you.  He laughed and said, yes he was in hot water because he didn’t come over last night because he got home late.  Then he asked what I would do, and as always it’s easy to give advice when you aren’t in the same situation.  It was a funny conversation.

The only real interesting part of the visit was that I’ve been having heart palpatations for the last couple of weeks.  My heart just starts to beat fast and feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest.  It happened a lot toward the end of Oklahoma and happened almost everyday in Kentucky.  It’s only happened a couple of times here.  The EKG was normal so the doctor wants to see a specialist next week to make sure that all is well.  He thinks it’s just panic attacks, but wants to make sure.  So I see the heart doc on Monday.

After we said our good-byes it was down the street to do the blood thing.  In NYC everyone sends you to the lab to get your blood drawn.  And it’s a real pain in the ass.  It took almost as long to get my blood taken as it did for the whole appointment preceding it.  The blood stuff is normal.   Cholesteral, PSA, etc.  The only real fun one is the HIV test.  It’s been about four years since I’ve been tested.  I was tested as a student in California but haven’t done it since.  And as it does for everyone it’s causing me stress.  And it’s only made worse by the fact that my doctor is out of town next week so I won’t get the results back till the following week.  I could have had the 20 minute test but it costs 100 bucks and since I haven’t been working I didn’t think I should do that.  And as I told him, either way, it doesn’t change the outcome.  So I’ll be a little stressed for the next week or so.

And then there was work.  It was busy.  We were still on a wait when they closed the doors at midnight.  The whole evening was just insane.  I ran my ass off.  But it was nice to be back and to be in cocktails and to get back into the groove of things.  It was just like riding a bike.  By the third table it was just like I’d never left.  And the night was okay.  I had three or four REALLY bad tips.  Two bucks on 50.00.  Two bucks on 45.00.  It happened a lot.  But there were also some amazing tips.  25.00 on 31.00.  20.00 on 50.00.  (That particular tip was from my boyfriend.  He was HOT and had the most beautiful girlfriend.  They were probably no more than 20 or so.  And I would have guessed them not to tip if you’d asked me before.  It’s nice to be surprised).  I also got several other good tips that helped balance out things.  When it was all said and done I was only a few bucks short of walking with 15%.  Not bad if you ask me.  My sales weren’t as great as I’d hoped they’d be, but they were good enough.  If I can have a bunch more nights like tonight, I’ll be out of debt in no time.

That’s it from my world.  No proofing tonight.  I’m exhausted.  Please forgive and typos, glaring mistakes etc.  Have a great Friday.


6 thoughts on “Dr. McDreamy.

  1. Lemuel August 1, 2008 / 05:20

    Since we’ve moved, I’ve been considering switching doctors. I would love to have a gay or gay-friendly doc. I tried polling some gay friends in the area by email but they never answered. It would be a heck of lot more convenient to be tested on a regular basis if I had a doc who understood. (and I, like you, wouldn’t mind if he looked like yours and poked me)

    I am glad to hear that you were tested.

  2. Rick August 1, 2008 / 05:35

    Glad to hear you got a good check up. And the fact that the doc was cute helps!

  3. Peter August 1, 2008 / 09:20

    Good of you to have a check-up, and such a cute doctor too. 😉 Did he poke you in the right places?

    The main thing is, he knows what he does and is good at it. Don’t worry about the results, I hope you still know what you did or should have done to prevent getting infected.

  4. "Joe" August 1, 2008 / 14:07

    “And what do you want out of this relationship?” How about his phone number? Woof!

    Glad your health is good. Hope the foot feels better. Tendinitis ain’t no fun.

  5. javabear August 1, 2008 / 15:41

    Sounds like a successful physical. Yeah, Dr. McDreamy!! No wonder you’ve got heart palpitations!
    Hope the blood work results are stress-free, as is the wait for them. Easier said than done, I know.

    Hope that foot feels better soon.

  6. Aaron August 4, 2008 / 13:54

    I’d feel somewhat ambivalent at the prospect of having Dr. Hotcakes as my doctor. My experience has always been that doctors like that are very intolerant and conceited. And they put me off going to the doctor, which is quite counter-productive, although I’m sure in their eyes, the fewer people who look like me in the world, the better…;-) He sounds nicer than he looks, however…

    But for mine, I’ll take an ugly, middle-aged straight guy any time. At least I don’t have to worry about competing for the same guys! 😉

    But he’s probably right about the palpitations–after a summer working with The Director and being under a lot of stress, it’s normal to feel palpitations. I used to get them myself a lot when I was young, and my EKGs were normal–I was told it was probably caffeine.

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