Let the Sunshine In!!!

A quick post tonight. It’s 4:48 a.m. I’m not even sure why I’m awake. Actually I know why I’m awake, I just wish that I were asleep right now.

A list of things about today.

My cell phone is on it’s last leg. Now I can’t call out. At least not every time I try. The phone says that it’s calling but the call never goes through. I have to turn the phone on two or three times and try again, before the call will be placed. I called Verizon about it today and they pushed up my “new phone date” by a month so I can get the discounted new phone. I’m going today to get one. I have no idea what I want. I do know that it needs a full keyboard so that texting won’t be such a pain in the ass. Anyone have any suggestions?

I stopped by the movies yesterday. It was okay. I didn’t stay long. I took care of business and was on my way.

My friend Michelle is leaving for her annual trek to Pussyfest in Michigan. It’s actually the annual festival in Michigan for woman. Womyn? I don’t know. I know that she looks forward to it all year long and it starts this week.

I had dinner with my roommate Chuck. At our favorite diner.

And then we attended the new production of Hair being presented by The Public Theatre in Central Park. It’s been 41 years since the show was first produced. And a little bit of trivia that I didn’t know till tonight. It was the first show that The Public Theatre ever produced. It went on to play on Broadway and ran for 1,750 performances. I think they are using our dislike of the war in Iraq as a jumping off place for the need to revive this show. And that works a little. A very little. The biggest problem with that idea is that most of the people in attendance at tonights performance had seen the original production. I know this because there was a show of hands before the show started. It was a much older crowd than I would have imagined. And I’m not sure how you get the message of free love, drug use, and the need for peace through to people who spend their entire lives texting each other. And none of this is helped by the plot/book of the show which is laughable at best. For the most part the plot doesn’t exist. And for those of you who’ve seen the movie the storyline was completely reworked so that the show could work as a film. The two are not even in the same family. And for the most part the show is 27 songs strung together by a very loose storyline. And so in terms of getting a message across, I don’t know that it’s going to happen.

And yet it was FUN! The actor’s were clearly having a good time. The band was great. The boys were cute. And it was hard not to want to get up and dance with them. I have a special attachment to the show because I designed it many years ago. It was not a very good production, but I loved it. And the show will always have a special place in my heart. So if you get the chance go see it. You’ll be glad you did. Besides, tickets are free. You just have to stand in line for them, or do I like I did and have a friend who works on the show get them for you.

And two famous people sightings tonight.

In attendance at the show tonight was:

Matthew Modine. I have no idea what he’s done lately but he looks the same as he always did.

Audra McDonald. She’s beautiful. And if you don’t know musical theatre she’s in the ABC show Family Practice. If you know musical theatre then you’ll know she has won two Tony’s and was in Carousel, Ragtime, Marie Christine, 110 in the Shade, and many other shows. She’s awsome.

And that’s a wrap. Let me know what you think about the phones. I’ll be going tomorrow afternoon to get one.


5 thoughts on “Let the Sunshine In!!!

  1. Lemuel July 30, 2008 / 05:08

    We checked into phones (or more accurately, we were in the queue to check into new phones) recently, but never did get anywhere. We had to leave before our number was up.

    I’ve never seen Hair – only heard the music. I can imagine that something that spoke to us in the 60’s and 70’s would not speak at all to the current young.

  2. Rick July 30, 2008 / 05:49

    Maybe I’ll call Verizon and tell them the same story. My “free every two” has a bit of ways to go as well.

    I’d love to see that production.

  3. javabear July 30, 2008 / 18:53

    Hair? The music is terrific! I saw the movie, never the stage production. You don’t need to get the message of free love, drugs, and peace to the younger generation. They already know it quite well. Current popular music has changed so much that even the fantasic songs in Hair just sound like oldies to these kids.

    I just got a new phone last week. The older model Chocolate. Not so good for texting. I hate it right now, but that’s just because I’m not used to it. I might like it in a month. Maybe.

  4. urspo July 30, 2008 / 21:58

    i still remember wiggling around the house lip synching to Black Boys and White Boys; jolly good fun that was.

  5. Sarah August 1, 2008 / 23:47

    I had a bizarre obsession with “Hair’ when I was about twelve. I managed to get my hands on a great copy of the play by ordering from another town’s library (what did I say about obsessed?). I’ve never seen a production but your criticism is pretty much what I have always heard regarding revivals of it.

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