And Scene!!! Day 52

It’s two days before I leave for Kentucky and they finally get the Internet working again.  It seems someone decided to deactivate our passwords for the system two weeks before we leave.  It took some yelling and screaming on the part of “The Director” but it has been turned back on.  It’s nice to know he’s good for something.

All three shows closed over the last two days.  The final performance was tonight.  I wanted to watch all three on their final performance but instead decided to photograph them for my portfolio.  I took about 800 shots over three days.  With any luck there will be five photos from each show that I can use.  I borrowed a cast member’s camera and he hasn’t given me the card to download them yet.  Once I get them on my computer and wade through some of them I’ll post a few so that you can see what I was up to this summer.

I have to admit that I’m a little sad that Show #3 is closed.  It was my favorite and I could have watched it a million more times.  It’s also the show that I think had the best lighting which also helps it be my favorite.  I tried to watch as much of it as I could but in the end I spent the night framing photos and trying to take the pictures at the best times.

So let’s see what’s been going on since I’ve been back from tour.

I’ve been staying up way too late and I’ve been sleeping into the afternoon.  I’ve got to get back on a some what regular sleep schedule before I get back to NYC or I’ll never get anything done and I’ll sleep my days away.

I’ve also been drinking too much.  I counted today.  I’ve gone through seven bottles of bourbon since I’ve been here.  Of course I’ve had some help along the way, but still that’s a lot.  Of course I know that when I get home that will stop.  I hardly ever drink at home and for the most part don’t even have alcohol in the house.  Occasionally I’ll buy a beer on my way home from work, but that hardly ever happens.  I do have to admit that it’s been fun acting like a 12 year old this summer.  Staying up late, drinking too much, having fun.  It’s the kind of stuff you stop doing when you are an adult.  But I do have to say that I’m quite ready to be home and talking to adults.

I’ve also gained about 200 pounds since I’ve been here.  We rarely eat anything but fast food.  When you don’t have a kitchen for supplies and you have 12 minutes to wolf down food you get stuff that’s fast and cheap.  Thank god for the extra value/dollar menus at the fast food places.  But needless to say, when you eat crap you feel like crap and you quickly put on a million pounds.  I can hardly wait to get back to NYC where I eat a little better than I do here.  And once I start walking regularly again, the weight, I hope will start to go away again.

Now that the shows have come and gone the summer doesn’t seem nearly as stressful as it was.  I hardly remember the actual shit that we had to get through to get the shows up.  I say this because as the time here passed I occasionally reread posts from last summer.  It was just as stressful and just as chaotic and the whole time I was here I swore that I would never do it again.  And what do you know…here I am.  That doesn’t mean that I will necessarily come back next year.  But I would consider it.  Of course there will be some stipulations in my contract that haven’t been there in the past.  One of which is that if I don’t get the scenery drawings in a timely fashion then I’ll choose not to come and keep the money that’s already been paid to me.  He’ll balk at this but I’ll point out that in two years I’ve not had complete sets of drafting to design the shows.  As I told someone tonight, imagine if the tenor didn’t get the score to his show till a few days before opening and was supposed to be ready.  He would never do that to the “TALENT” as he likes to call the actors.  I’ve asked more than once what I am.

I sort of pissed off “The Director” today.  This morning very early three of us turned on the TV and watched the video that was made of Show #2.  I was excited to see how it turned out because I thought the show was great and I really wanted documentation of the show.  Yes, I know a video isn’t as good as the real thing but it’s nice to have one.  And this video…sucked.  ASS.  Big time.  With a capital A.  I kind of thought that some third grader might have been the person behind the camera.  None of the shots were centered.  So if two people we singing they were on the side of the screen while the scenery took up the rest of the shot.  And whomever shot the show, didn’t know the show at all.  So there were times when someone was singing stage left and the camera was stage right.  And vice versa.  And there were scenes that should have been full stage shots and they were close-ups and there were full stage shots that should have been close-ups.  And the moment of the show that still gives me goose bumps, the final song of the show which by the end of it, involves the whole company looked awful.  Instead of just pulling out and having the whole company in view the person panned across the stage back and forth to show all of the actors.  Totally ruining the moment.  In fact the really bad video the light board op did with his digital camera from the light booth is better than this video.

And well maybe I might have mentioned this to a few people at the theatre today.  And I pissed “The Director” off because he just wanted the day to be positive without any negative energy.  And I apologized and said I’d shut up.  What I wanted to say was that if he really wanted positive energy perhaps he should leave the theatre all together since he’s the biggest source of the bad energy in the play.  But I didn’t.

And the big news of the weekend.  Seems that “Ashley the Cunt” the scenery/costume designer is suing the company.  Seems she’s upset that she didn’t credit for the scenery design in the program and isn’t getting her full salary.  So she’s going to sue.  If I know “The Director” he’ll cave in an instant.  I told him last night to grow some balls.  Let her sue.  And when she does ask her to produce the drawings that she provided.  Ask her to provide painter’s elevations.  And the model.  And color swatches.  And renderings.  And ground plans.  And let her prove that they were submitted to the company in a timely manner.  And let her dispute the 12 million emails I sent begging for drawings and finally issuing an ultimatum saying that if I didn’t have designs by Monday I was not coming to Oklahoma.  And ask her to defend the reasons she was terminated in the first place.  And…well.  All it takes is some balls.  I wouldn’t cave if my life depended on it.  When you are right, you are right.  And in this case he is right.

And now since it’s 5:02 a.m. I think I might go to bed.  I plan to sleep until 5:02 p.m.  And then I’m going to wake up and try to figure out how to get out of dinner with “The Director”.  Neither Kelly or I want to go, but we’ve been cornered into it so we are discussing what lie we can tell to get out of it.


7 thoughts on “And Scene!!! Day 52

  1. Peter July 13, 2008 / 05:49

    Didn’t someone die that you know of?!

  2. rick July 13, 2008 / 06:52

    Congratulations…it’s over. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  3. sorted July 13, 2008 / 12:30

    Glad to hear you are still alive. Thought you would be in jail (killing Ashley the Cunt and The Director) Have a safe trip to KY

  4. Lemuel July 13, 2008 / 17:59

    We will look forward to the pictures, and thanks for taking us on this ride with you. It has been interesting.

  5. urspo July 13, 2008 / 20:39

    too much booze and too much junk food = weight gain and cranky moods. time to get back in shape/eat right my dear!

  6. javabear July 14, 2008 / 01:46

    Glad you got your internet access back. Makes me crazy to not be able to get online.

    This summer sounds like a classic adventure. The definition of adventure: what a horrible experience becomes after you’ve dried out and had a few.

  7. Sarah July 14, 2008 / 22:40

    Tell “The Director” they should take the dispute to The People’s Court. I’d kill to watch that.

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