Day 33

It’s late.  I’m still hung over.  I’m tired.  I’m hungry.  Did I mention that I’m still hung over.

We opened show #2 last night.  It went great I thought.  The audience really seemed to like it.  And then we had are opening night party.  And the way it was planned pissed me off.  So I gathered the troops and all the electricians, carpenters and stage management went to a different bar and had ample amounts of alcohol.  And then we returned to our humble abode and continued the party in Kelly’s room.  At most the room had about 10 or 11 people in it.  Sometimes there was just two of us, sometimes it was filled to capacity.  I don’t remember going to bed but Kelly thinks it was around 7:00.  I woke up around 1:30 and the room was spinning.  It still is a little bit.  And I’ve spent most of the day in bed.  I did go to the theatre for about 25 minutes of the show today.  Made sure it was started with no problems and then I came back home and went back to bed.  Around 8:30 Kelly called and we were off to get food.  Greasy, breakfast food.  And it hit the spot.  And then I dropped by the movies but there was nothing playing, so now I’m home and it’s time for bed…again.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about the latest antics of “The Director”.

So tune into tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Day 33

  1. Lemuel June 23, 2008 / 06:47

    I do have to ask: these “movies” that you go to, are they movies or are they “movies”?

  2. sorted June 23, 2008 / 15:40

    I am sure the answer is “yes” Lem..

    Looking forward to The Director’s antics. He sounds like an IDIOTBALL you just want to smack.

    Maybe that’s me..”I’m just sayin'”

  3. Peter June 23, 2008 / 18:11

    Now it’s day 33, when do you start the countdown?

  4. javabear June 23, 2008 / 18:46

    I am so confused. naive. uninformed. What are “movies”? I need to know these things, boys.

  5. urspo June 23, 2008 / 23:38

    sleep well
    and lay off the booze it is bad for the complexion

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