Moonlight, Kansas — Day 26

Show number 1 opened tonight.  I thought it went well.  The actors seemed to be on and everyone seemed to be having a good time.  The stage manager did an okay job.  She still didn’t give the board op any warnings but at least she told the spot ops what they were supposed to do.  Of course she did miss the most important cue in the show.  It’s a cue that’s timed musically so that during the last phrase of the song the lights fade to moonlight hitting the couple on the floor and their faces are lit by a very tight follow spot.  I think the lighting is quite beautiful.   During this cue the lovers kiss and just as they end their kiss the spot light fades and they have a moment in the moonlight before the scene resumes.  So tonight the stage manager called the cue to kill the spotlight before the kiss, so absolutely no one in the theatre saw the kiss.  I was sitting in the booth wanting to kill her.  And the best part…she didn’t even know she had called it wrong.  Not once has she ever looked at the stage to see what the cues are doing.

I got to theatre tonight around 7:45 and went backstage to get a Diet Coke before I went to sit in the light booth for the show.  Last year I tried sitting in the audience for openings but I always got stuck next to “The Director” and that’s an experience I don’t care to repeat.  Now I use the excuse that I’m still tweaking things so I have to sit in the booth.  He never seems to question this.  So trust me I use it a lot.  After I got my Diet Coke I had Kelly use her special key to get me into the lobby of the theatre without having to walk 20 miles out of my way.  Just as she was about to close the door and relock it she turns to me and says, “I certainly hope that I can live up to all the praise you were throwing at me in your last post.”  I’m not always sure she realizes how good she is at her job.

After the show I went back stage to say hello to everyone and to congratulate the actors.  Just as I walked out of the door someone yelled, “Hey look, it’s Maddog.”  And then everyone started cheering me and congratulating me on how the lights looked and more importantly I made the actors look.  And right behind   me was the costume designer, Ashley The Cunt”  and someone yelled, “Hey look it’s the costume designer.”  And no one clapped.  In fact I don’t even think they even acknowledged her.  I didn’t realize this had happened until I was told about it by five different people later.  I have to admit that I loved every minute of it.  All the actors tonight were talking about how bad the costumes looked.  But what can you do?  I told “The Director” to fire her ass about five weeks ago, and did he listen?  Hell no!  He deserves what he gets.

And now it’s 4:15 and I’m still awake.  I’ve only had a couple of beers, but there were four or five people sitting in the living room chatting and laughing.  It was fun but now I’m ready to be asleep.

Here’s a photo one of the parents of a girl that’s in the show took a couple of nights ago.  It isn’t framed very well, but it “kind” of captures what I was trying to do.  There will be more pictures and I’ll post them as I get them.

Can’t find any information about Moonlight, Kansas but I thought it was appropriate to spend the night there tonight with the picture and all.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


6 thoughts on “Moonlight, Kansas — Day 26

  1. Lemuel June 15, 2008 / 08:29

    “‘Hey look, it’s Maddog.'”… and we’re cheering, too. Congrats on the kind of job that gets that kind of recognition!

    Framed well or not, thanks for including the picture. It really helps us to see the visual and it does reveal a great lighting effect.

  2. Rick June 15, 2008 / 09:00

    Congrats on show # 1.

  3. Sarah June 15, 2008 / 10:19

    Did “The Director” get the same response as the costume designer? I would hope so.

    Obviously, Kelly has done a tremendous job if last night went as well as you described it. Here’s a virtual round of applause for her!

  4. Bill June 15, 2008 / 10:37

    I am really, really glad to hear that your cast knows how how hard you have worked on the show. You and Kelly both deserve a big round of applause.

    Hang in there…you’ve almost survived another one!

  5. urspo June 15, 2008 / 21:43

    I am watching the Tony’s
    I am looking forward to coming to NYC: i hope before the year is out.

  6. javabear June 16, 2008 / 02:27

    Pretty picture! Pretty moon, too. I’m learning there is more to lighting than I ever realized.
    Congrats to the crew (those who deserve the praise) on a good opening night.

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