Celebration, Florida — June 9th 2006 — Day 24

On June 12, 2007, I wrote a post about how I’d forgotten that the anniversary of my blog was June 9, 2006. Exactly one year later, on June 12, 2008 I realized that I had once again forgotten the anniversary of my blog.

So without further ado. Let the parties begin.

And the presents.

And the fun.

And the.


Okay, I’ll just celebrate by myself.

But while I’m celebrating, here’s the recap of my first post.
June 9, 2006

So I wanted my first post to be funny and witty. I wanted it to be full of insightful observations. I wanted it to be…well you get the point. So instead it’s 3:30am and since I can’t sleep I have decided what better way to start my blog than writing something at some ungodly hour in the am.

So I am Maddog. Well not really. It’s actually a nickname that was given to me years ago while I was attending the University of Kentucky. I saw a co-worker at McDonalds and she called me Maddog. I had never been called this before, and had no idea why she called me that then. But my friends heard it and it stuck. I became Maddog to everyone who knew me. This was in 1990. No one calls me that anymore. I have grown up and become Jeff. Well actually I have been called many things but most of my friends call me Jeff. But for the sake of this blog I’ll be Maddog.

And Maddog is moving to the big city. As of July 1st, I’ll be an official resident of New York City. Again. Not that this is a bad thing. I love the city. It’s home. It’s just that I have been away for three years and a lot has changed. I am no longer in a relationship. I have failed to stay in touch with most of my friends there. I have gained 70 pounds. I have finished grad school. I am poor. I have no job. And so it’s scary, in a good way.

When I get there I’ll have enough money to last me about three months. This gives me a little bit of a cushion to find work. But not much of one. It won’t allow me to be lazy until the money is gone. So the minute I get there I’ll be pounding the pavement looking for work.

What kind of work you ask? I am a lighting designer. I have just finished one of the best theatre design programs in the country and now am about to prove my professor wrong and begin making a living doing commercial theatre. At least that’s what I hope happens. Who knows? In five years I’ll be the manager of the TGI Friday’s in Time Square. You know it’s the largest TGI Fridays in the world. At least that’s what the sign says.

So you guys all get to take this journey with me. I’ll be documenting my search for work, love, happiness and fulfillment in the city. So stay tuned for all the fun that goes with moving cross country and resuming my career.

WOW. It’s really amazing to look back and see what I wrote two years ago. I had just come back from a trip to NYC where I crashed on the couch of my now roommate Chuck. Who knew then that we’d grow to be such good friends. I don’t think either of us would have guessed that we would get along so well. He hadn’t had a roommate since 1902 back when he was in college, and I hadn’t had a good roommate experience in say about 10 years. I’m thankful that worked out.

I also think it’s interesting that I’ve landed back in the restaurant world. And it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. And I make a living doing that. And for the most part things are good.

And who would have thought that I’d have spent the following two summers in FUCKING Oklahoma designing musicals for a neurotic director and a exciting host of other characters. I also wouldn’t have guessed that I’d have become such good friends with the stage manager. She is the only source of sanity in the world that I’ve been plunged into here.

And who would have known two years ago that I would create relationships with lots of people that I’ve never seen in person. There are many people that I love knowing are out there and reading my blog. There are many people whose blogs I never miss reading even if I have to go back several days to see what they were up to. I get excited still when I get comments, because I was convinced it didn’t matter what I wrote since no one would ever read it.

I’m also amazed at some of the things I wrote when I first started this thing. I was much more open then, when I didn’t know people were reading. I wrote an entire post about giving head. I know, I know. Too much information. But it’s what interested me when I did it. If you want to read it, I sure won’t make you search for it.   Just click the link.

And I guess the biggest realization is that my life for the most part is okay. I think I now have a great small group of friends that I care about and I think they care about me. I talk to them on a regular basis and I miss them when I don’t. I have a job, that’s great when my ankle isn’t broken. I get to do theatre several times a year and even though it’s stressful, it’s still a lot of fun. (I’ll explain why tomorrow). For the most part I’m healty, although I need to lose about 300 pounds. In a post a little after I started I stated that I’d come to the realization that my life wasn’t funny. It was quite ordinary. I don’t know how I felt about that then. I know how I feel about it now. I like it. I like that I sit home with Chuck on Saturday night’s watching Law & Order SVU marathons on USA. I like having the most exciting thing that happens to me in the week being that I didn’t have to wait 20 minutes for the subway a the end of the day. I like that there are people out there who think I’m good enough at my job to want to fire me to design. I have money in the bank, a great apartment, and life is good. What more could a Maddog want.

And for the record Celebration, Florida is a community created by the wonderful people at Disney. It’s current population is 3, 745. It’s a mostly rich white community because we all know that only rich white people can be the Happiest People on Earth, while living in the community that’s the Happiest Place on Earth. After reading about it, it seems more like the Scariest Place on Earth. A little Stepford Wives for me.

I was trying to find a good image of it, but I found this on the second page of my internet search and I thought it was better than a photo of a house. Wouldn’t we all like to run around pulling on things attached to boys. I’m just saying.

I also found this image on Google Image Search

Maybe it’s not such a bad place after all.


5 thoughts on “Celebration, Florida — June 9th 2006 — Day 24

  1. Rick June 13, 2008 / 05:52

    Thanks for posting your old entry. I wasn’t a reader back then. It’s interesting to hear your background.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Sarah June 13, 2008 / 06:06

    When you are looking for pictures of houses, it’s best not to enter “hot guys” in the search box. You should have typed “house” instead.

    Glad you had something pleasant to occupy your thoughts tonight instead of the evil and incompetent director.

  3. Lemuel June 13, 2008 / 06:32

    That was a great post! I enjoyed reading your first – since at the time you were not on my radar – and your reflections. As for the party and the gifts, well, when I get to the party, you’ll get your – a-hem – “gift”. 😉

    Which brings me then to the subject of your other post to which you kindly provided a link. Let’s just say that you and I have very similar “philosophical outlooks on life” – or whatever it is that we happen to be “facing” at the moment.

  4. Bill June 13, 2008 / 09:20

    Happy Friday the 13th! Make today your lucky day. Dress up like Jason Voorhees and slay The Director.

    I enjoyed this post & re-post. I really does us good to think about the things we are grateful for. For which we are grateful. For grateful are we things which. Glad to have.

    I’m going to zoom over to that link now. I am always grateful for tips.

  5. Peter June 13, 2008 / 13:23

    In one of my mails I asked you what I should call you instead of Maddog, know I know.

    So Jeff, first a happy belated second Blog-O-Versary, and second… hope Friday the 13th turned out well [We’ll know tomorrow…]

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