Hell, Michigan — Day 21

I’m a little stressed.  Tech starts tomorrow and we are nowhere ready to actually put the show on stage.  I need about eight to ten hours to really be where I want to be.  Unfortunately I don’t have that much time so I’m just going to have to fake it.  What this means is that “The Director”  will just have to imagine what it’s going to look like when I’m done.   In the meantime, I’ll just let him plod along making sure the staging he’s been working on in the rehearsal space works.

And speaking of “The Director”, I think he managed to piss off everyone he tried to talk today.

If you read yesterday’s post you know that lots of us stayed up late drinking, laughing and just blowing off steam after a very long week.  I got to bed around 6:00 or so.  The sun was well on it’s way up when I turned off the light.  I was out almost immediately and didn’t wake up until about 2:45 when there was a knock on my door.  It was Kelly.  I’d told her to wake me if she hadn’t seen me by 3:00.  She was on her way out to get a pedicure and spend some alone time.  She told me she would be back later and then we would get dinner and see a movie.

About 90 minutes later Erin knocked on my door.  She was coming to see if I was awake yet.  I told her to come in and then she began the story.  Seems “The Director” was pissed that no one was returning his calls.  He had called Kelly several times.  He’d called me twice.  As it turns out, since Erin was answering her phone he called her about 30 times in the space of six hours.  I’m not exaggerating the number either.  He called her four times in the space of 30 minutes.  I might add that it’s the company’s official day off.  During his many calls to Erin he complained that Kelly nor I was returning his calls.  And he was frantic to talk to us.  He needed to discuss problems he was having with show #3 and we need to help him.  An hour later, he called back to say that what he really wanted was play Eucher.  Then he wanted to discuss art.  Then he wanted to stop by and see everyone.  He couldn’t make up his mind why he wanted to talk to us.

Kelly arrived home while Erin and I were talking and we shared our stories.  I told them to wait five minutes and I would call him back.  And so I did.  And sure enough he wanted to come by and discuss the show.  I lied and told him I had hours of work to do and that I didn’t have any time to spare tonight.  I told him tomorrow was much better for me.  He whined but I finally convinced him this was the case.  And then I promptly showered and went to dinner and a movie with Kelly and a friend.

“The Director” called each of us while we were in the movie.  I just ignored it.  When I got home I quietly entered the back door ran to my room and locked the door.  I’ve been hiding in here ever since.  So do you think I should tell him that if he weren’t so needy we might actually want to spend time with him?  Really?  Do you think I should tell him?

I’m in Hell, Oklaohoma but since that’s only a figment of my imagination I thought I’d visit the real HELL. It’s a wide spot in the road and doesn’t even have an official population, although the unofficial population is 266.   There were a number of photos out there but this is the one I liked best.  Hell has frozen over.


5 thoughts on “Hell, Michigan — Day 21

  1. Lemuel June 10, 2008 / 05:07

    I love the final image!! I may have to steal it and save it for future use.

    I am beginning to wonder if the company you work for is not just a mental institution that has hired you to help the patients put on a play in the rec room. TheDirector certain qualifies as certifiable. I know that each of us in our own way have issues, but, man, does he have issues!!

    I am beginning to think that, in order to get him off your backs, you guys need to find him a bf “real quick like” – someone who can take care of his “needs”.

    …and, no, Maddog, I am desperate, but I am not *THAT* desperate!

  2. Rick June 10, 2008 / 05:14

    Look on the bright side, at least you’re doing something creative and fun. You could be back in New York waiting tables.

  3. urspo June 10, 2008 / 10:07

    Hell Michigan is a jolly good fun tourist trap, for fun runs and Hallowe’en parties.
    Check out Climax, MI not too far away.

  4. Bill June 10, 2008 / 13:58

    You’d think that someone who regularly finds himself in lonely situations would start taking a look at his social skills.

    Lemuel raises an interesting possibility, but perhaps there’s a twist to it. Maddog is really an inmate at an asylum for the incurably mad (hence his name). The Director is the benevolent doctor who tries to coax him into therapy sessions. The theater is the cafeteria, and Maddog strings “lights” made from styrofoam cups along the ceiling for each “show” his is working on. The “movies” he attends are shock treatments. He posts in the wee hours because the third shift attendant sleeps at night and Maddog can commandeer the computer at the nurses’ station. Ah ha!

  5. javabear June 12, 2008 / 09:51

    … as reality slowly fades to a distant memory…

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