Gay, Michigan — Day 16

Today has been such a non-event, I almost feel guilty blogging about it.  Slept till noon, went and renewed my rental car, turned in the receipt, went to the movies (BORING) then back to the theatre for rehearsal.  And I’ve been working on my design since around 12:30.  It’s still not finished by the way, but it’s getting there.

So instead I think I’ll do Kelly’s Pride Challenge.

In June of 2006 I started my blog.  It’s purpose was to track my journey back to New York City.  I didn’t really have a vision beyond that.  I used to journal but stopped because my roommate found one very personal journal and read it.  For the several months prior to June I had started bouncing from blog to blog.  My first blog experience was Scott-O-Rama (He’s on a break at the moment).  I googled pictures of Mike Piazza.  (He was my boyfriend at one time.  He just didn’t know it.)  And the first photo to pop up was on Scott’s blog.

Even when today when I googled Mike Piazza, the only shirtless photo is found on Scott’s blog.  The layout of his blog caught my attention so I poked around.  And over the next several days I continued to find my way back there.  And from his blog I clicked on another.  And another.  And another.  There were several that I enjoyed so I became a lurker.  I would stop in and read but not leave comments.  This was probably February or so.  And then I happened on a blog that was wonderful.  It was funny and the guy writing was sharing all of his sexual exploits as he searched for love in NYC.  The Search For Love In Manhattan really trapped me in the blog world.  I treated it like a soap opera and checked in everyday to see what had happened.  At the time he was committed to writing everyday so there was always something to read.  Since he’s found love he writes much less.

I probably would have started my blog a lot sooner, but the blogger searching for love common comments was that he hated blogs with bad grammar.  I’m not stupid but I also didn’t want to spend ten minutes writing a post and two weeks proofing it.  So I thought I better not.  But it kept popping up, and popping up.  And then one night at 5:00 in the morning I thought what the hell I’ll do it.  I went and got my wallet so I could use my credit card to pay for the sight, and wasn’t I surprised to learn that doing this would be free.  What a novel idea.  I sat at my dining room table for almost an hour trying to think of a catchy name.  And then finally it hit me.  And Maddog was born.

And I started writing.  And I started commenting.  I had read somewhere that if you wanted people to know about your blog then start commenting on their blogs and they’ll seek you out.  I wrote for several days  before I got my first comment.  And then several more days and another comment.  And then after about three weeks these two guys (Ur-Spo and Dannation) commented on my blog on the same day.  I’m glad too, because I’ve been reading about both of their lives for two years now.

Almost three weeks after I started blogging I noticed the same photo on everyone’s blog.  Along with the photo was a challenge to see how many gay blogs would post the picture.  Well being new, and always being a follower I did what I was told and I posted the picture.

The challenge it seems came from Kelly over at Rambling Along. He wanted everyone to remembere during pride (right before July 4th) that we are gay, but also Americans.  I don’t know what the final tally was but I know I saw the flag a lot during the month of June.

Last year he decided to do the same thing with another photo he’d taken.  Once again it was just a way to celebrate the month of June as gay pride.  Here is that photo.

And well it’s June and we know what that means.  It’s time to be prideful again.  And it also means that it’s time for Kelly’s Pride Challenge.  Now that I know Kelly a little bit better it makes it even more fun to post his photo.

I haven’t done the gay pride thing in a long time.  I haven’t been in NYC for the past five Gay Prides.  I did attend the parade in San Diego in 2004 but I think that’s the last time I did anything prideful in the month of June.  And they don’t have much of a celebration here in Oklahoma.

So here’s the challenge…copy and paste the picture in to a post on your blog.  Tell everyone why you are doing it.  This year though, Kelly is asking that you post something about your coming out.  Then drop by and let him know that you’ve posted the picture.  He keeps a running tally at the top of his blog during June.

So I’ve done my part.  You guys help him out and do yours.

PS…I’ll do my coming out post in a day or two.

PSS…Gay, Michigan is really a town.  It’s population is 60 and was named after it’s founder Joseph E. Gay.  The only business in town is a bar called The Gay Bar.  It is NOT a gay bar.  They also have a gay parade on July 4th.  About 8 times the population of the town comes to see the parade.  I thought that was a lot of people till I got out my cell phone, got to my calculator and realized that it was only 65 people.  Damn it must be crowded there.


7 thoughts on “Gay, Michigan — Day 16

  1. Mike June 5, 2008 / 06:16

    I love the post Post Script.

  2. Kelly Stern June 5, 2008 / 06:18

    Thanks for the post… and kind words… glad we ran across each other in the blog world… Happy Pride Month!

  3. Lemuel June 5, 2008 / 06:29

    I’ve had a *lot* of boyfriends like Mike Piaza – they didn’t know either.

  4. Tom June 5, 2008 / 09:27

    It’s about time MD…. I know your life is busy, but glad to see you got on the bandwagon!!! Happy Pride Month to you!


  5. urspo June 5, 2008 / 13:08

    thank you for the mention
    I am glad to have found you and read your blog
    And for spaghetti pie!

    you are ahead of me on the flag posting! I will post the flag this weekend.

  6. Peter June 5, 2008 / 13:13

    Happy Pride Month, Maddog!

    Equality For All !!!

  7. Donnie June 7, 2008 / 23:47

    Happy Pride, Maddog! *big bear hug* 😀

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