When in doubt…a meme.

Drawing a blank here. Not too much to write about. Slept late. Had weird dreams that involved bartending, slapping my brother and almost crashing my car on the ice, with my mother in the passenger seat. Maybe I shouldn’t have had all that vodka.

Woke up to discover the fitted sheet on bed, was no longer there. It was as I suspected. The velcro on the boot that I am wearing sticks to everything and had pulled the sheet off. It was a pain in the ass to get it back on one leg.

Finally had a good experience with an online hook up. My new friend Tom stopped by and kept me occupied for about 90 minutes today. It was very nice, and I think he’s going to stop by on Monday before I leave to go on Tuesday.

Spent the rest of the afternoon/evening watching Dexter on Showtime. It’s a creepy little show that’s very entertaining. I enjoyed it very much.

And with that I’ll leave you with a new meme….since I got nothing.

House Meme: I stole this from Ur-Spo last year.

Favorite place in the house – I love our living room. The sofa is extra comfy and is good for watching TV or taking naps on a rainy afternoon. It’s also the room that has most of the artwork that I own, which is all done by close personal friends.

I just noticed one of the paintings is hanging crooked. I’ll have to fix that.

Most valuable object– A larger dresser/cabinet that holds my clothes etc. I bought it new about ten years ago and to this day is the thing I’ve spent the most money on and it’s my favorite piece of furniture. It also weighs as much as a piano so it makes me nervous every time I move.

Biggest piece of junk – I have a lot of stuff, but I wouldn’t call it junk. My least favorite piece of furniture is my coffee table. It’s a really cheap trunk that my brother gave me for X-mas many years ago. It’s quite ugly and the only reason I haven’t replaced it is that it holds all of my photos.

It’s a very typical NYC coffee table. Diet Coke? Check. Remote Control? Check. Take-out menu? Check.

Most beautiful thing – I really don’t know. I have lots of fun things. But I’m probably the only one who thinks they’re beautiful. I guess my most favorite object is a steel table that I designed and welded myself with a marble top. The marble lost one end many moves ago and I was quite distraught till a friend pointed out that it only made the table that much more interesting.

Check out that photo of me getting my first haircut. Wasn’t I a cutie?

Most ugly thing – See biggest piece of junk entry.

Most ‘talked about’ item when others come to visit – The items that gets the most comments are the two windows that I hang on the wall. One friend was convinced I bought them from Restoration Hardware. The smaller of the two I bought for a dollar at a yard sale. The larger window I found in the garbage many years ago when the house down the street was getting all new windows. I think they are kind of cool, especially the smaller one. The paint is chipping and it’s very weathered and goes great with my roommates cabinet next to it.

This is at one of my dinner parties last winter.

Most appreciated item – The sofa. I have to fight my roommate to sit on it because it’s so comfortable. Although to his credit, the sofa has been mine since I broke my ankle.

“If there was money…” I would move downtown to the West Village and live in a beautiful townhouse. (If anyone has an extra three or four million dollars lying around and wants to buy it for me, let me know).

Most aggravating matter – The hot water sometimes takes forever to get hot, and then sometimes the water just stops running and you stand there hoping this isn’t the time it doesn’t come back on

The most “queer” object – A snow globe of The Wizard of Oz that my ex-boyfriend Curtis gave to make up for something stupid he did. My roommate hates it and it wouldn’t surprise me to come home from my two months away and discover that he sold it on Ebay.

Oddest thing about the house – There’s a hole in the ceiling in the dining room area of the apartment. It was there when we moved in. We’ve asked to have it patched to no avail. We’ve joked that there is a hidden camera watching our every move. But then we laugh that they must be very bored to watch two middle aged gay men sit at home on Saturday night and watch TV.

Most whimsical object – An “F” shaped neon sign that my friend Jed gave to me. It lights up and is really cool. He got it from a bank that was closed and selling it’s stuff.

Most depressing object – My office desk. I have hated it since I bought it but what can you do. It’s what I have and until I have money to buy the one I want it stays.

Ignore the mess that is my desk.

Most hazardous thing around the house– Right now on crutches, everything is dangerous. Beyond that, not much. You have to be careful not to graze the water pipe in the kitchen because it gets very hot. And isn’t it annoying that the water pipe in the bathroom is the cold water return and doesn’t get hot at all.

The object that evokes the most anxiety –Anxiety? Anxiety? This question evokes anxiety but I don’t know about an object. I guess the shelves that we added in the kitchen from Ikea. About a month after we got them one of them fell and broke a shit load of glass stuff. It’s been two years and there have been no problems but sometimes it makes me nervous. And the large window I referenced earlier hangs above my bed and that sometimes makes me nervous. Of course it’s probably not going to fall unless there’s something putting force on it, and god knows there’s not enough action in there to do that.

If you look you can see the water pipe in the background.

And that is my house meme.


5 thoughts on “When in doubt…a meme.

  1. Peter May 17, 2008 / 03:25

    Ever thought of staining the coffeetabel, so it doesn’t look brandnew? Some hard hits with a chain can make it look older too. [It’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it…]

  2. Rick May 17, 2008 / 05:43

    Thanks for sharing. What a great meme. I’ll have to do that once I get settled in my new house. (Or maybe I’ll do it to the apartment whilst in transition.

    I LOVE that dresser. Want to sell it?

    I actually like your coffee table (why do we call it a coffee table anyway). I like what you did with the fabric.

    And your dining room looks great. I love the dark blue walls. Your giving me ideas for my new house.

    Oh and the West Village…I know. Isn’t it gorgeous? When I was at NYU I’d walk by those brownstones all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice.

  3. Lemuel May 17, 2008 / 05:57

    That was neat! Loved seeing your place! And I love that dresser! No wonder, you are cautious about it when you move. Thanks for clearing up the “F”. In your early photo of the steel table, I was already wondering what the story of the “F” was. As for your steel table, its design reminded me much of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs.

  4. sorted May 17, 2008 / 19:08

    I conquer with all those above me.

  5. urspo May 17, 2008 / 23:59

    i like the dresser; the snow globe is indeed a piece of fabulous.

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