Orthopedist Appointment at 10:45….

I sent my snarky email. And I got a response at 6:09 tonight. I received an attempt at the drawings of the shows. I say an attempt because they really don’t contain much more information than I already knew. There are no dimensions. No labels. No lineset schedule. No trims. Not much of anything. I’m going to bed right after I post this but tomorrow I’m going to make a list of everything that I don’t know and I’m going to put that into an email and send it off. At the rate I’m going I’ll have all the information sometime around August 15th. Of course the shows will have closed by then.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow about my ankle. Everyone please say a little prayer that they take this five pound wool sock off my leg tomorrow. I’m just about over it. I want to be able to walk again. I want to stop having to ask for help. I want to do all the errands I need to do before I leave on Tuesday. I want to go for a walk. I want to go to the real movies. I want to do a lot of things that I haven’t been able to do for the past three weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful the break wasn’t more serious than it was. I’m grateful that I don’t have to have surgery or that it’s not permanent. But at the same time. I’m done. Let’s cut the cast off and be done with it.

Next week I start my trip. Many of you know where I’m going. I haven’t made a secret of it. However, last summer someone found my blog that knew the artistic director of the theatre and the shows that I was doing. Not only that, he was friends with him. Whoops. I know I have to be careful about those things but sometimes you live in a bubble that you really are anonymous. So this year I’m going to be a little different. You’ll see what I mean next week. I’m going to take you on a little journey that everyone should enjoy. Just remember to pack lightly and bring lots of Diet Coke. And perhaps a beer or two.

7 thoughts on “Orthopedist Appointment at 10:45….

  1. Peter May 15, 2008 / 00:30

    Hope all works out just fine, even after I said some other things on this blog. You’ve a positive attitude [I read that between the lines]. Cheer-up mate!

  2. Rick May 15, 2008 / 04:43

    Said a little prayer for you.

  3. Lemuel May 15, 2008 / 05:09

    I’m hoping all goes well at the appt this morning. I’ll be thinking of you.

    Thanks for the heads up on the trip. It gave me a chance to switch my 401K investments to Diet Coke. I’ll make a killing! 😉

  4. Mike May 15, 2008 / 05:46

    I want a secret decoder ring so that I can read between the lines, too.

    Of course, they’ll probably just remind me to drink my Ovaltine.

  5. Sarah May 15, 2008 / 08:37

    Good luck at the doctor’s today.

    What is the picture on your masthead of?

  6. Donnie May 15, 2008 / 11:16

    Fingers crossed that all goes well at the doctor appointment. I’m sending my best thoughts.

    I can’t wait to read about your “trip”. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

  7. Bill May 15, 2008 / 21:56

    Mike’s comment made me laugh. Someone gave me a night-light version of the leg lamp this past Christmas.

    I’m eager to hear the medical news. I hope they cut it off. The cast or the leg, as long as something was accomplished.

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