Day 12 In The Land of Corn…Day 2 of Tech

Okay. First things first. I know the students I have been dealing with have been driving all of you crazy. Me definitely the most. But I believe that you must praise them as well as rip their heads off. So following that belief would you believe that every single person showed up on time today. Would you also believe that some of them were even early. Would you believe not one person bitched about having to stay until 10:30? Would you believe that the entire evening was rather calm and nice and except for Vicky the bitch we all had a good time. WOW…can you really believe it?

Today was actually an easy day. I didn’t even get out of bed till 1:00 p.m. The alarm started going off at 11:00 and I snoozed it till exactly 1:05. Then I turned over and called the tech director to tell him I was running a little late. He laughed and asked me if I had just woken up. I said, “Well maybe.” He laughed some more and told me to get there when I get there. I arrived around 1:45 so it wasn’t too bad. We took care of a few notes and then I got started cuing. I had one last show to get into the computer and I thought it would be the hardest. But it turned out not to be. It took me about two hours to get through it and I was done. And I have to admit that with our first run through tonight it looked okay. I made some minor adjustments but for the most part the first pass was good.

I hung around school the rest of the afternoon/evening waiting for rehearsal to start and as I said it went okay.

So we have one more day of tech, two dress rehearsals and three performances. It’s a lot of work for only three performances. But what can I say.

Things of note from the past few days. I still have to change my airline ticket to the new departure date. I have to stay here two extra days because I’m now the stage manager. It’s going to cost almost as much to change the ticket as it did to purchase the first one. I’m making them pay the change fee though because I have no idea how long it will take to get reimbursed and I’m not rich.

Have I mentioned that I’ve seen two mullets since I’ve been here. A student who is working on the show has one. I think I may have to take a picture tomorrow to show you. I still have to wonder what people are thinking when they get one. I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

Yesterday I went to dinner with my friend Elizabeth who’s been teaching here for two years. She was in a temporary position and is leaving in June. We talked about a lot of stuff. But then the subject came around to whether the new lighting design teacher is gay or not. Seems I’m not the only one who is confused by this. We chatted about this for a few minutes. She says he says and does things that are very gay. But then does things like talk about football and his ex-girlfriends. She says she’s only discussed this with her boyfriend and he couldn’t figure it out either. I know this isn’t important, but if he is…I’d like to know how he’s going to survive here.

At dinner we also talked about the Kum & Go. She said she mentioned the name of this store to her boyfriend and he thought she just had a dirty mind. She was thankful I brought it up because she thought she was the only one who thought it was a strange name for a store. So everyone needs to check out this site...seems they sell merchandise. You know when I get back to NYC I’m going to be ordering me one of those Kum & Go t-shirts. It’s a must have for any gay man living in NYC.

So I think one of my house mates is crazy. And by crazy I mean bat shit loony. It’s Kim the composer. She’s been freaking out non-stop for the past two days. So much so that everyone is walking around on pins and needles afraid that they are going to set her off again. I’ve been sitting in the kitchen for 30 minutes waiting for her to go to bed so I could type a post. She keeps looking over my shoulder at what I’m doing and I don’t want her to know about the blog. And so why is she crazy. She had an all out fit because the tech director told her to stop giving notes to the sound board op and to give them to him or me instead. I was standing there when he said it and he was perfectly nice about it. She later went on a tirade about how she’s never been treated so rudely by a crew person in her life and that their lucky she’s even doing this project and if they mess with her she’ll take her music and leave. What’ funny is the tech director is the nicest man I have ever met. He doesn’t raise his voice ever. Even when he’s frustrated. And in no way was he out of line when he said this to her. And tonight it was more of the same only now she’s fixated on other issues. I’d like to take the dirty sock that was on my foot earlier and shove it down her throat. Did I mention that it’s all about her all the time. And it can’t be all about her, because it’s all about me. Goddammit. (Isn’t it cool that spell check recognizes goddammit as a word?) Seriously, she commands attention everywhere she goes and if you don’t pay attention she’s like a puppy. She puts her head into your crotch so you have to pay attention. It’s a little tiresome spending time with her to say the least.

And to finish up…Spring finally arrived today. The temperature was 78 degrees when I walked to school today. And it was sunny. And there no earthquakes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, snow, or famine. Perhaps I jumped the gun on the End Of Days thing.


4 thoughts on “Day 12 In The Land of Corn…Day 2 of Tech

  1. Lemuel April 22, 2008 / 05:06

    I think maybe you hit it on the head about the lighting design teacher. How will he survive? By talking about football and ex-girlfriends.

    Yes, those t-shirts are a must have in the City! 😀

    As for Kim? Yikes!

  2. Mike April 22, 2008 / 05:41

    I could be wrong about this, but I think one must actually “plan” for a mullet. I don’t think one can just wake up one day and say “I think I’ll go out and get my hair cut into a mullet today!”

    (Insert snarky comment here)

    I can’t tell you how painful it was to erase what I just typed. I’m not gonna make it until Sunday.

  3. Sarah April 22, 2008 / 10:20

    Hey, Mister, as long as George Bush is president there’s no such thing as jumping the gun on the End of Days thing. There is still time for the horsemen to come clopping into town. I just hope your not in Iowa when it happens.

    Glad everyone was on time!

    So that’s the crazy person who was sitting across the table from you…you’re gonna have to flesh her out a bit more ’cause she sounds like some good blog fodder.

  4. Urspo April 23, 2008 / 01:03

    you sound like you work a bunch of people barking mad, as the brits say.
    how exhausting for you.

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