End of Days in Iowa…or Day 10 you decide…

So let’s think about this.

My Iowan experiences include:

Last year:

Two major ice storms.  One knocked out the power to some parts of the county for more than two weeks.

Almost two straight months with snow on the ground.

And two full weeks with temperatures at 20 below zero.

This year:

A tornado warning.  Spent almost an hour in the basement waiting for the all clear.

Snow.  Not a lot but it was April.

Two fire alarms.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t show up to turn off our alarm.

And now this. A fucking earthquake.

In the middle of nowhere Iowa?  Come on.  This is getting ridiculous.


3) The first sorrows will be in the form of calamities: ‘famines, pestilences and earthquakes in divers places’, fearful sights and great signs from heaven (Matt.24,7-8; Mark, 13,8; Luke 21,11).

Number three is earthquakes.

The world is going to end while I’m in Iowa?  Isn’t that kind of redundant?  Seriously?  You’d think god would wait till I’m out of God’s country to deliver such a punishment to the world.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Start praying for me now…


4 thoughts on “End of Days in Iowa…or Day 10 you decide…

  1. Rick April 19, 2008 / 05:40

    I think you just need a good night’s rest. The world isn’t as bad with 8 hours under your eyelids.

  2. Sarah April 19, 2008 / 07:59

    Looking forward to your posts about frogs and locusts.

  3. Lemuel April 19, 2008 / 12:28

    God’s country, eh? Maybe you’re not the one there that need the prayers.

  4. Donnie April 20, 2008 / 00:39

    After reading this post, I thought of the film Forrest Gump. You know, when Jenny tells Forrest, “Pray with me, Forrest. Pray with me. Dear God, make me
    a bird so I can fly far, far, far away from here.”

    Hang in there, Maddog! *big hug*

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