Day 6 In The Land of Corn

I’m exhausted.  I was at the theatre from 8:15 a.m. till 10:30 p.m.  Ah, the life of a person who works in the theatre.  Of course it’s one of the best days I’ve had in weeks.  I was doing what I love best and it reminded me why I do what I do, and helped me remember that I need to work harder to do more of this.

My day:

It started at 6:00 a.m. when I rolled over and looked at the clock.  It was only 6:00 a.m. and I could sleep another 30 minutes.  Fuck.  What was I doing awake.  I tried to go back to sleep, but finally said screw this and got up.  I threw on some clothes and went down for coffee.  Everyone else had been awake for a while.  In fact Kim had already been for an hour long walk.  They are so much more motivated than I was.  So I had most of a pot of coffee and tried to wake up.  Soon it was time to shower.  I ran up stairs spent about 5 minutes in the shower and then I was out the door.

I’ll let you guess what my first stop was.  You got it.  Kum & Go.

Diet Coke in hand I got to school.  There were lots of notes to take care.  Notes consist of lists of things to fix from the previous day.  Like adding lights, moving lights, and fixing lights that don’t work.  This took about two hours.  Then we started focusing.  We decided to go back and touch all the lights we focused on Friday.  Touching a light means turning it on and having someone there to adjust the focus in minor ways.  It’s a really fast way to make sure the lights actually do what you want them to do.  After that we started focusing again.  We really were moving fast.  Mike, the intern was on the ladder and he was very fast.  On Friday we were focusing a light every 7 to 10 minutes.  With a union crew you can focus a light every 45 seconds.  There is a big difference.  Of course I’m in an educational setting so I expected no less.  We focused the rest of the morning and all afternoon.  We got a lot done and the end is in sight.  Tomorrow we do notes in the morning and then finish focus in the afternoon.

After the work call, I had about 10 minutes to run back to Kum & Go and refill my 44oz. Diet Coke and return for rehearsal.  From 4:30 till 10:30 tonight I was in rehearsal.  Three different dances, two different choreographers, one long night.  I’m really sort of kidding.  It was a long night, but I never minded.  It’s amazing how you don’t mind the long hours when you are doing something you love.  So I watched rehearsal and took copious notes to be able to start cueing the show on Wednesday.  I think I’ve said this before but cueing is when I turn the lights on and off to create a look on stage and then record it in the computer.  I also assign the cue a time so that when the cue is implemented it comes on at the speed I want it to.

And finally it was time to go home.  Christian the choreographer and his wife had made dinner before they left to come to the theatre and it was on the stove waiting for us when we got home.  I was told it would take about 20 minutes to get ready and then we could eat.  While they were doing that, I went back to Kum & Go to get beer.  When I got there the choice was Busch Light, or Corona.  I chose Corona.  When I got back home Christian was still at dinner and the house was filled with smoke.  Seems he had let the stew stick to the bottom of the pot.  It was burnt.  He tried to salvage it, but as you know, you really can’t remove the burnt taste.  We ended up having last nights soup over rice, which was great so no one minded.

And some of my favorite moments of the day:

I got an email from the stage manager telling me shouldn’t could be at rehearsal after 4:30 each night.  This is only a problem because all of the rehearsals are after 4:30 at night.  She still hasn’t sent out the schedule for the next two weeks so no one knows when they need to be at the theatre and what time to be there.

Of course the funniest story I heard today was about the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that was produced last fall.  Seems one of the fairies went up to the stage manager at intermission of opening night and told her she was done.  The stage manager asked what she meant.  The actor replied…I’m done, this isn’t working for me any more.  She went downstairs changed clothes and left.  Leaving the performance halfway through opening night, because she was no longer having fun.  This could only happen at this school.  The students are encouraged to sign up for as many outside activities as they can, filling their schedules.  Then they don’t have time to do them all so they either do them half-assed or drop out half way through.  And there are no penalties.  And everyone is expected to tolerate this behavior.  Last spring when I was here I had a student come to me on Saturday of tech week to tell me he couldn’t be there on Sunday because he didn’t work on Sundays because of his religious beliefs.  I wanted to tell him that maybe Jesus could turn his “F” into an “A” just like he did the water into wine.  Instead I just told him fine but to realize he would receive an “F” in his class.  It was amazing how fast his religious beliefs changed.

That my friends is a wrap.

PS.  It was too late to proof this and I have to be up 6:30.  So I apologize for any glaring mistakes, typos or sentences that don’t make since. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 6 In The Land of Corn

  1. Rick April 15, 2008 / 05:48

    Sounds like you’re really enjoying yourself. I can tell you’re in your element. Happy for you.

    But my goodness too many burning meals!

    Break a leg.

  2. Lemuel April 15, 2008 / 06:55

    I definitely agree that when you love what you are doing time has no relevance.

    I am wondering what the Kum & Go is going to do with all that Diet Pepsi after you leave town. I’m sure that they’ve noted the marked increase in sales and have ordered extra. When you leave they’ll be left with a mountain of inventory. 😉

    I got a chuckle from your handling of the student who suddenly could not work on Saturday. Perhaps he was suddenly converted to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  3. Sarah April 15, 2008 / 09:01

    Did security show up when the stew burned?

  4. Donnie April 16, 2008 / 12:27

    Burning food is a travesty! I think I might have to come out to Iowa and punish you….severely! *evil grin*

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