Day 4 In The Land of Corn

I have two pages of notes to share with you about the day.

All about rehearsal, dinner, art, and the kitchen being set on fire.

Unfortunately, It’s 4:36.  One of the choreographers, his wife, also a choreographer, and Kim a musician in two of the pieces have been sitting in the kitchen since 10:00 talking about art.  Stop.  It’s not a prententious conversation.  We talked about working in dance, I talked about working as a lighting designer, we all talked about how we would starve if we didn’t do something else.  And the most important part:  We drank beer while we talked.

So tomorrow when it’s not so late, I’ll tell you about the dinner party I attended.  The planned trip back to Des Moines.  The cute dancer in the show.  Kim, the musician and her crazy antics.  Trust me you’ll want to tune in for Day 5.  I promise it will be the most exciting post ever.

Have a great Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Day 4 In The Land of Corn

  1. Rick April 13, 2008 / 09:40

    Cute dancer. Do tell.

  2. Lemuel April 13, 2008 / 19:21

    …and the kitchen? fire?

    you’re a tease! 😉

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