I’m a little sleepy.  I think perhaps drinking an entire 12 pack of Diet Coke last night was a mistake.  When I finally got to bed this morning, there was no chance of sleep, try as I might.  I finally got up when someone called around 10:00.  I made coffee and tried to just stay up.  Of course by 1:00 is was a mess.  I finally managed to get to sleep around 2:00 and slept till almost 5:00.  So now it’s 1:00 a.m. and I’m beat.  I’m about to go to bed and hopefully get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow I leave for Iowa and I will start my 17 day countdown till I come home.  It should promise to be fun and exciting.  What ever will I do with myself in Iowa for 17 days with no car and little else to do.  I’m only hoping that the place they are putting me up has a TV and cable.  Otherwise it could be scary couple of weeks.  As long as I have an Internet connection everyone will continue to hear from me

4 thoughts on “

  1. Rick April 9, 2008 / 05:06

    A 12-pack of Diet Coke. My God…no wonder you couldn’t sleep.

    Looking forward to hearing about your Iowa fun.

  2. Sarah April 9, 2008 / 16:32

    Bon voyage! I’m sure the heartland will provide you with plenty of blogfodder.

  3. urspo April 10, 2008 / 00:04

    lay off the Diet Cokes, they are bad for the complexion.

  4. Donnie April 16, 2008 / 11:55

    Sorry I’ve been remiss in reading your blog, Maddog. Now that I’m Spring Break, I plan on catching up. 😀

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