Health Insurance

As of 36 minutes ago I have health insurance.  For the first time in two years.  You have no idea how that makes me feel.  I know longer have to worry about running for the train, falling down the stairs, breaking my leg and owing ten million dollars at the hospital.  Or having my appendix burst, again, and owing 20 million dollars.  It also means that I will no longer spend 500+ dollars a month on prescriptions.  In fact they’ll cost me about 70 bucks.  Yippeeeeeee!

Seriously.  I have appointments already with everyone.

I have an appointment on Friday to see a podiatrist.  You guys already know what my feet look like but in case you forgot here’s a reminder.


I see my Primary Care Physician the week I get back from Iowa.  Cholesterol and prostate exam here I come.


And I have a dentist appointment for the middle of May.


I’m hoping to get a new eye exam from a REAL doctor in May as well.


By the time I leave for Oklahoma in June I’ll be just like new.  I feel like Dorothy, the Lion, the

Tinman, and Scarecrow getting spruced up to see the Wizard.  Maybe I can get my eyes dyed to match my gown.



6 thoughts on “Health Insurance

  1. Chris April 1, 2008 / 00:44

    Good news, I hate being without insurance I think the stress causes more problems than actual diseases.

  2. Lemuel April 1, 2008 / 05:10

    I cannot imagine living in this country without health insurance, although millions have to. Good for you for getting the ball rolling right away.

    I was going to ask who was doing the prostrate exam, but, oh, never mind. 😉

  3. Mike April 1, 2008 / 05:49

    The visual aids you use are quite painful. Especially that last one.

  4. Sarah April 1, 2008 / 08:32

    I am not sure if I can forgive you for the meth teeth/cancer mouth. It’s like a Canadian Public Service announcement for brushing daily (they have really brutal PSAs up here).

    Enjoy your check ups and the prescription card. The private American system is a thing of beauty if you have the insurance or the money for it.

    I miss your picture of the city. Was that your own photo?

  5. urspo April 1, 2008 / 15:31

    just make sure the podiatrist doesn’t tell you
    ‘your nose is running and your feet are smelling’

    hurrah for health care

  6. dirkmancuso April 1, 2008 / 18:06

    Congrats on being insured!

    And even though you’ve mentioned your feet hurting several times, the visual leaves me wondering how you’re walking at all. Tell that podiatrist to fix your dogs up post-haste!

    (P.S. Thanks in advance for the nightmares I’m going to have courtesy of that dental pic. Ugh.)

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