A Three Show Day…

I just got home.  Went to the two shows today and then to the movies after that.

I’ll give the full report of the shows tomorrow.  But I will tell you this.   Gypsy…SUCKED!  It’s the worst production of the show that I’ve ever seen and that includes my high school production in 1981.  I’ll give you the full details tomorrow.   The Little Mermaid was great in a totally mindless entertainment sort of way.  It won’t change your life.  There are no deep hidden meanings.  But it was fun.  More tomorrow.

That’s about all that’s going on in the big state of New York.  Not much else at all.  Weather was nice.  The crocus are popping up out of the ground.  Everything is just as it should be.


What the fuck was Eliot Spitzer thinking?  Really.  What was he thinking.  4,500 dollars on a hooker.  4,500 dollars.  For 4,500 dollars I would have blown him for a month.  And with her he got an hour.  As my roommate pointed out at 4:00 a.m. last night…what does one get exactly for 4,500 dollars.  I would think for that much money he’d get a whole gaggle of girls.  Or at least twins.  But NO, he paid some 22 year old chick who’s living in an apartment building where the studios rent for 3,500 bucks, 4,500 dollars to have sex with him.  I paid ten dollars tonight and had sex with three guys.  Maybe he should check out the places I go.  God knows he wouldn’t be in this much trouble.  Really…4,500 dollars.  I wouldn’t spend that much to sleep with any of the famous people I drool over.  Christopher Meloni.  David Bromstad.  Kenny Chesney.  None of these boys are worth it.  And it seems he’s spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on these girls.  As I said, for that much money I’d have blown him for a year.  What the fuck was he thinking?

And as several blogs have pointed out.  This is the sanctity of marriage that we gays are forbidden to have.  So the way I see it.  I just have to meet some girl, convince her to marry me, and then I’ll be free to have sex with whomever I want, whenever I want.  Is this the way this sanctity works.  Please let me know.  Because it’s sounding more and more attractive everyday.


4 thoughts on “A Three Show Day…

  1. Mike March 13, 2008 / 06:22

    For 4,500 dollars I would have blown him for a month.

    Best. Line. Ever.

    Of course, now I have to clean my keyboard because I was taking a sip of coffee just as I was reading it.

  2. Lemuel March 13, 2008 / 07:14

    Yep, your desire for a loving, committed relationship with another human being destroys the sanctity of the family. Write that down and repeat it to yourself each morning until you believe it.

    (You DO understand that my comments above are dripping with sarcasm?!)

    So sorry that Gypsy was less than you anticipated. It was obvious that you were looking forward to it.

    As for mindless shows, it is good to see them now and again. In my past at one moment in time, Mary Poppins served that exact purpose. Mindless entertainment can help restore mental balance after trying to take in paying 4500 for a hooker.

  3. Donnie March 13, 2008 / 20:21

    What a “hot mess” all this Spitzer drama is! Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Hopefully, the new Gov. will be better.

  4. Michael March 14, 2008 / 08:00

    I can’t believe Gypsy sucked! That’s almost more disappointing than the Spitzer debacle.

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