A Boy From My Past.

I got off work early tonight.  I was supposed to close but the guy who was in the first cut station was desperate for money, and although I could use it, I figured why not do something nice.  It helps that I like him.

And so I went to the movies.  This is what my friend Todd and I call going “out” in NYC to look for trouble.  In San Diego we call it going to the “Watering Hole.”  The reason it’s now called going to the movies is because the place I go to, shows gay themed movies in the public area while everyone cruises.  In the past few weeks I’ve seen Brokeback Mountain, The Talented Mr. Ripley, East Side Story, Long Term Relationship and Big Eden.  It’s nice when you get there and they are just starting the movie.  Sometimes people become so wrapped up in the movie that they forget why they are there.  That happened the last time I was there when a documentary called Gay Sex In The 70’s was being shown.  I actually sat down on the sofa and watched it.   And so tonight I stopped by the movies.  They were showing some French film when I got there and that was followed by several episodes of Noah’s Arc.

And why am I telling you this.  Well, I was doing this thing when a guy walked in.  I knew immediately who he was, but I could tell that he didn’t recognize me.  Finally I got his attention and he walked in the booth with me.  I freaked him out and when I said, “Do you remember me?”  He said he didn’t.  I asked if his name was Greg.  And it was.  I asked if he used to work for XYZ bank in the Financial District.  He said he did.  Then he asked me if I was trying to freak him out.  I said no and then set about explaining who I was.  The minute he figured it out, he started laughing.  And then he kissed me.  And well, I’ll leave out the next few minutes but we’ll just say it was as fun as I remembered it.

Afterwards we walked outside and chatted.  He told me that he had missed me and that he was sorry we hadn’t stayed in touch.  I told him that I had actually called his work number a few times but it was always answered by a woman so I assumed he didn’t work there any more.  (He doesn’t).  We then chatted about the old days and he apologized to me.  And why did he apologize to me…

I met Greg in 2000 in the Financial District.  We met we hooked up it was fun.  We exchanged numbers and every once in a while we would run into each other or call and we would get together again.  As this progressed we realized we liked each other more than just for sex.  We started talking on the phone a lot.  We would get together more often.  I even went with him to his house on Long Island once to walk the dog and then he drove me back into the city.  What we never did was date.  We had never gotten lunch together.  We had never had dinner.  Except for the one trip to Long Island we had never done anything social except have sex.  We chatted about this and he told me he would like to go out sometime.  Something other than just have sex.  So we made plans.  I was going to meet him after work at the Starbucks that was halfway between his work and my apartment.  And so I got there.  And I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  But Greg never showed.  He also didn’t answer his phone and I don’t think at the time I had a cell phone.  Needless to say I was pissed.  And so for a couple of days I didn’t hear from him.  He didn’t return my calls and he never called me.  Finally, he called.  I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt so I asked what happened.  He said he didn’t have an excuse and that he was sorry.  The conversation went on and what I finally discovered through the right questions and his finally being honest that he had a boyfriend.  Not only did he have a boyfriend but they’d been together for about four years and had just bought a house together.  He explained that although he could have sex and cheat in that manner he couldn’t cheat emotionally.

I was pissed.  I was very pissed.  I think after that day we talked a couple of more times and we never saw each other again until tonight.  What’s funny is I didn’t remember the standing up/boyfriend part.  I didn’t remember how things were left.  Not until he reminded me of all of this as we stood on the corner outside the bookstore.  And so he apologized.  He apologized for leading me on.  For not being honest.  For being an ass.  He wanted to know if I would forgive him.  I didn’t really know what to say.  I didn’t remember any of this till he reminded me, but then after he did I became pissed again.  I told him I could forgive him if he showed me he had changed.  I gave him my card and told him to call me.  Who knows if he will.  I also don’t know if the boyfriend is still around or what that situation is.  I decided I didn’t want to know.  At least tonight.

It’s funny though, he hasn’t aged well.  He’s not nearly as attractive as he used to be.  Isn’t it funny how those things work out.


2 thoughts on “A Boy From My Past.

  1. Lemuel March 6, 2008 / 06:13

    Your encounter seems very bittersweet. It reminds me of Dan Fogelberg’s song, “Another Auld Lang Syne” and of some of my own love encounters.

    May it happen as you would have it happen – a reunion, if your wish, or just a chance encounter with a memory.

  2. urspo March 6, 2008 / 14:59

    seeing them not aging well is a rather nice revenge, no?

    however, a general rule is ‘don’t date your exes’

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