A Very Exciting Night…

I’m sleepy. And a little bit drunk. It’s 6:30 a.m. and I just got home. What was I thinking?

In all I had a great night. The server manager tonight decided he could do without one cocktail server so myself and Danielle split the three sections. It meant I was busy, but it also meant that I made more money. Yippee! for me. He’s the only manager that I know that would allow us to do that. But of course as I pointed out to him at the end of the shift, he had no complaints and except for a couple of kitchen fuck ups the night was relatively smooth. I thanked him profusely at the end of the night.

And since it’s 6:30 you can guess that I went out for drinks after my shift. We did our usual deal and went to a bar up the street and then to the super top secret bar a few blocks away for after hours. I left that bar when the bar fight broke out. It was very exciting. Punches were thrown. Glasses were broken. Names were called. I left before the police were involved. Of course when I left one of the guys was waiting outside to continue the fight. I love straight people.

And THEN…when I got home there was a fire up the street. Just before I passed the Y a guy warned me to be careful and then I noticed that one of their school buses was on fire. Flames were shooting into the air and it was very exciting. Of course being the good citizen I am, I called 911. Almost as soon as I was off the phone, the sirens were blaring. They are still up the street and the smell of smoke fills the air.

So clearly I had a very exciting night. And now I must go to bed. I’m off tomorrow and I don’t want to sleep my day away. For those of you who have to work, enjoy the day.


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